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Our passion is to improve our clients' businesses. We do this by engaging their people to perform better, whether employees, sales staff or channel partners.

Motivated people raise their game. That's clearly understood, but what isn't is how to motivate for better engagement and performance. Understanding what makes people perform and behave, getting the right blend of reward, recognition, communication, research, measurement, analytics, events and much more is where we come in.

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We're always interested to take the temperature on a variety of topics covering the world of employee engagement, sales incentives, and corporate events.

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Show me the evidence

The latest research from academic worlds such as behavioural economics, goal theory and human development help inform our thinking.

Why non-cash rewards outperform cash based ones? Why incentive travel is the ultimate motivational reward? Why engaged employees with clear goals outperform those without? Take a look at our White Papers and Articles.

BI WORLDWIDE wherever you are

Global coverage with local capabilities and connections

Our clients, whether local, regional or global benefit from the same employee engagement, sales incentive and corporate event services and technologies.

Thinking and acting locally and globally. We have engagement solutions for wherever you want, and are. Check out our Global Solutions

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We deliver measurable results for our clients, so we love facts and figures and evidence that helps improve business. Find out some fascinating facts about the worlds of employee engagement, sales incentives, and corporate events, and how BI WORLDWIDE helps improve our clients' businesses.

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Motivate, excite and inspire.

See what we do, why we do it and what results our clients experience. From employee reward and recognition programmes to incentives that ignite stellar performance and conference, incentive travel and product launch events that captivate, celebrate and inspire.


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