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Looking Ahead - What's Here Next Year?

2012 is coming to a close and we thought it was worth looking onward to 2013 now we’re sure the world isn’t ending this year, which we’re all very grateful of I’m sure! So here goes, our look at what’s going on here at BI WORLDWIDE and view of destinations, aviation, and the whole industry in general.

David Battley – the Inside View

As Director of Events I have lots of plans for our events team for 2013. We’ve had a great year this year, and long may it continue, with new client wins, extending existing client relationships, and operating more events than has been the case for many years – just as well we recruited throughout this busy year!


We’re improving our delegate registration services with new software updates, all focused on making delegate registration a better experience for all – delegates, clients and our del reg team, and on whatever device they have, wherever they are.  More functionality, flexibility, and integration options will benefit all our clients.

The Team

A year ago we sensed a recovery in the market and were busy investing in the team. We now have a fantastic team in place who will head up the events that we run and who have the experience and expertise to ensure we deliver our services to the highest of standards. We will add new clients this year and now have the right talent in the team to raise the bar on our service levels.

We are also going to be busy improving processes and focused on our never ending quest to be more efficient and effective. This will also help spread workload across the year, ensuring that at peak operating times the focus is client service and operational excellence.

Our Partners

Our Partners in Success event is a highlight in our year, and for 2013 we are keen to improve further our profile with our supply side partners and involve more in this eagerly anticipated event. Plus, we are planning a new addition to our calendar – a key partner and client event that will become a regular fixture.

And the Industry

Personally I don’t think there will be any ground breaking changes to the industry in 2013. The economy is critical and I do expect the situation where decisions are very much price and accessibility driven to continue. The challenge for agencies is being aware of this, whilst still balancing the need to suggest exciting and new destinations to prospects.

The design team – Kat Rannard

Because we love the world we want to explore more of it and look to open it up to clients for whom the world has become a small place as they become increasingly well-travelled. We like including ‘wild cards’ in our pitches to fire up the imagination and generate excitement about what’s possible that wasn’t 10 years ago.

Of course, we still see the value of the safe options, but we work with our aviation team on new access options that will benefit client events. It’s very much a balancing act between finding destinations with great access and infrastructure, while at the same time being a new exciting experience for the delegates.

We would love to ...

I asked the team about what or where they would like to pitch next year. For me it’s China. There has been a massive amount of hotel investment there and has so much to offer outside Beijing and Shanghai. Whether it’s the right investment in the right places for incentive travel groups is another thing! Watch this space, but we’ll be covering that option in a blog next year with the help of our fellow associates in China. And to sneak another one in, Guatemala twinned with Belize – the less travelled of Central America. Guatemala for outstanding Mayan history, colonial cities, wildlife, coffee plantations, volcano and stunning lakes. Belize as a contrast, for the beautiful paradise coastline. And for the team:

  • Rhian: Alaska - wild and unique and challenging
  • Rachel: Jordan with Petra – an ancient mystical destination
  • Libby: Denver, Colorado – the Southern Rockies, outstanding scenery packed full of things to do year-round. National parks and outdoor adventure to cosmopolitan metropolitans……and of course Cowboys!!!
  • Lesley-Anne : Virgin Galactic Space Mission - a little off the wall, fits the ‘wow’ factor and never done that before!

Aviation – Chris Townsend

As mentioned by Kat, China is becoming ‘one to watch’ as air access Improves, especially domestic flights, it will become more plausible to visit multiple destinations within the country as part of a programme.

For Europe, Spain and Greece have increased access and Virgin are now doing short-haul flights/domestic add ons from Scotland and Manchester, Virgin is a favourite for long haul groups, so for our delegates travelling from the North to London to join a connecting flight, this will make their journey a lot more streamline.

One improvement many of our conference, incentive travel or product launch delegates can expect is an improved air experience as airlines are forced to ‘up their game’ by the huge investments the Middle Eastern carriers are making.

A positive outlook

It’s always nice to look forward to a positive year. The outlook is certainly less fragile than a year ago and with new destinations that we’ll definitely be taking a closer look at, new and better delegate experiences in registration and travelling, and new favourite regions that will be apparent as the year progresses, it is as good a time to explore the world as ever.

So if you want to come and explore the world with us, then get in touch!

Follow David Battley on twitter, to get on the minute updates about the events industry, and why not check out our Pinterest board to get a visual look at the destinations we blog about.

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