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Aiming for Gold and striving to be the best employer

BI WORLDWIDE continues to improve as a business and is using its Investors in People accreditation to improve as an employer.

The Investors in People (IiP) standard sets out criteria against which organisations are able to benchmark their people practices. BI WORLDWIDE has held an IiP accreditation for over five years and is part of a community of over 14,000 organisations across 75 countries worldwide which conform to the IiP standard. This year, BI WORLDWIDE achieved a Silver award, placing it among the top 5% of IiP accredited organisations.

Successful accreditation against the Investors in People Standard is a sign of a great employer. BI WORLDWIDE aims to be an outstanding place to work, with strong values, an open culture, and a clear commitment to sustainability. BI WORLDWIDE put Associates at the heart of everything. The assessment process allows opportunities to improve the way things are done, and allows Associates to input ideas and suggestions.

How is BI WORLDWIDE assessed and who is involved?

The Investors in People framework considers four main areas: how is the organisation led; how are Associates supported; how does the organisation improve and adapt; and how ambitious is it. 27 factors are assessed to determine how well practices have been developed, how well established they are, and how effective they have been. The levels of accreditation that can be obtained are: Accredited, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

BI WORLDWIDE’s accreditation is currently Silver, and the organisation has set its sights on the Gold standard. If BI WORLDWIDE could achieve this, it would be in the top 0.5% of Investors in People accredited companies within the UK. So, there is plenty of hard work to do. To realise this improvement, BI WORLDWIDE has put together an Investors in People project team with a brief to identify and build on our strengths, and to identify areas in which we could improve. The team is examining people practices across the IiP standard’s nine indicators and 27 themes.

BI WORLDWIDE is determined to be ready for a new assessment within 18 months, rather than the mandatory three years. The project team is confident that Gold accreditation or above is achievable. The team have already analysed the results of the last assessment, which included feedback from a company-wide survey as well as the output of interviews with 21 Associates from a variety of roles and with a variety of lengths of service. It is now adding fresh research and its own ideas to the assessor’s recommendations, making sure that its recommendations include new and innovative ways to improve associate engagement.

We’re already very proud of our Silver accreditation but, of course, we want to aim higher and be the very best!

  • Shreena Lathwell
  • HR Recruitment and Talent Manager

So what are we doing to improve?

Shreena Lathwell, BI WORLDWIDE’s HR Recruitment and Talent Manager commented: “Gold accreditation is achievable as we’ve taken the right steps. We’ve researched what other companies are doing to discover what best practice is and are already implementing that into our business.

“So far this year, we’ve made positive changes after listening to our Associates. This helps to retain existing talent and it demonstrates to our clients and stakeholders that, as an organisation, we value our people. It’s about employing the right people for the right roles and creating a culture of recognition and reward.

“We’re already very proud of our Silver accreditation but, of course, we want to aim higher and be the very best!”

If you’re interested in working for an Investors in People accredited company that always strives to be better then get in touch!

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