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An App for all Reasons?

Is Apple on the verge of doing an iTunes on the travel market? If you believe the submissions lodged with the US Patent and Trademark Office surrounding its rumoured iTravel service then it may be the case, and if so what's in store for the incentive travel and conference market?

Initially it would appear that the service will make good use of data aggregation from the airlines and the online travel providers, and given the technology packed into smart phones these days the travel service extensions of cars, hotels, restaurants, guides and destination information, options, hotel upgrades and excursions would inevitably be part of the service, including using the device as your room key!?

However, whilst the technological innovations for the consumer travel market don't necessarily translate into the tailored world of conference and incentive travel, it's the user innovation seen here that represents another leap forward. With the explosive adoption of smart phones (not just iPhones) access to, and personalising of, itineraries, delegate information and updates, event experience choices, communications, destination links and knowledge are delivered via a true multi-channel experience that is at the control of the customer, or, in our case, the delegates' fingertips.

Thought provoking at least, and for event management agencies a 'must consider' for high smart-phone-ownership audiences where everything is just a touch away.

Here's the original article if you're interested.

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