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Behind the Scenes of Paris House

BI WORLDWIDE’s Events Team goes behind the scenes at Michelin-starred restaurant Paris House, exploring its unique combination of elegant service and modernist cuisine.

The key objective of the day was to pursue BI WORLDWIDE's Continuous Professional Development Programme for its staff by means of experiential learning through exposure to great brands. The team had the opportunity to learn about the science behind fine dining with Michelin-starred chef Phil Fanning.

Fanning was asked by the team ‘what makes Paris House brand experience so great?’, he said: "It's all about employing A-class people and a delivery philosophy based on the terms: warm, friendly, professional and elegant. There is little more you can do if you already have achieved best-in-class service delivery, but there is that extra dimension when dealing with food. We strive to make our customers passionate about our product. Enough of that, however, can your event team just sort out the dessert for our lunch? We're having a marinated pineapple with Thai green curry yolk, accompanied with nitro coconut custard and mango caviar. Simple, hey!"

The Events Team were introduced to the basics of wine pairing by Restaurant Manager Guillaume Gorichon, orientating their way through the complex maze of sweetness, acids and tannins during an intensive master class.

Comments from the team

“Best-in-class brand experience is all about teamwork, communication, passion, standard operating procedures and a finesse in delivering customer delight through building a relationship with each and every one of them. A truly fabulous day of learning and a wonderful opportunity to take some new skills and approaches back to our world. Thank you all at Paris House.” - Shaun Casey, Operations Director.

“It is clear, success is down to how well you select and train your staff. The training with Paris House has not only broadened my knowledge in fine dining and wine pairing, but has left me with a sense of confidence when discussing Michelin star cuisine.” - Rachel Boardman, Project Executive.

“The Food and Beverage training at Paris House was a truly unique and memorable experience. Not only did I discover that BI WORLDWIDE shares a number of its brand values with Paris House but I also learnt an extensive amount about how the business operates and to such a high standard. I now feel a lot more confident to recommend wine pairings that will complement a chosen dish due to an increased knowledge of the science of wine”. - Hayley Green, Projective Executive.

 “It was a very informative and insightful day which gave us lots of food for thought on teamwork, passion, quality and communication. It also gave us some important knowledge and skills to advise and make recommendations to client on food and beverage. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and found it fascinating to watch the team at work from the chefs table and how they ensure exceptional quality service.  I’ve never eaten in a Michelin star restaurant and it was definitely an experience I enjoyed and want to repeat!” – Caroline Phillips, Project Executive

“This was by far more beneficial and memorable than sitting in a meeting room discussing elements amongst colleagues. To learn about F&B elements you really do have to learn from those who know what they are talking about.” – Teresa Allen, Project Executive

Professional Development Programme

As part of BI WORLDWIDE’s Continuous Professional Development Programme, the Events Team have been recently undertaking various experiential learning through exposure to great brands like Paris House, Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Virgin Atlantic, Marriott’s Meetings Imagined as well as first aid training with the British Red Cross.

Shaun Casey concludes: “These partnered events will bring a new dimension to our team development programme, further strengthening our brand awareness and underpinning our focus on 6-star excellence.”

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