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Engagement & Performance

Being a valued employee at BI WORLDWIDE

Our guest blogger, a Manager from the UK team, shares their first impressions of what it's like to work at BI WORLDWIDE.

On your first day working here, you are provided with a bag of goodies and a small pot of earth with your name on it and a message: ‘Welcome to BI WORLDWIDE we are pleased you have chosen to grow with us.’ It’s a lovely touch, and not the only one. When you accept a position at BIW, the lovely HR team send a KitKat with your contract to sign, suggesting that you #takeabreak to read and sign the information. You also get a day off on for your birthday – an extra day not part of your holiday allowance. You get three months induction and training just to make sure you are fully converse with your team, the company structure, the business, values, mission, and ethic.

The message with that pot and seed, is clear – BIW is dedicated to the growth of their employees.

How dedicated?

I have only been here for eight months but feel more appreciated, challenged, stronger and better respected than I have done in years. My opinions are valued, my ideas are considered, and I am managed, directed and supported. I have real KPI’s, bonus schemes, deadlines, reviews and reward nights out. The company has a Christmas party and it’s paid for, the team themselves often bring in cakes, chocolates and biscuits as a thank you for the teamwork we all contribute to. The company supports charities, promotes local fitness classes, we have incredible employee benefits and an employee reward and recognition system where we can thank our colleagues for going above and beyond.

Putting our employees first isn’t just something we say, it’s something we do, and all Associates are encouraged to do it! I can take six days off, with full pay, to go and volunteer at a charity if I want, and I can take those days EVERY YEAR! It’s mad! I am only touching the surface of how much this company provides to their employees, and after spending most of my working life, praying for just one Cost-Of-Living increase during my career with a company as a perk, I can’t believe my luck!

Being valued

I am working hard; creating, devising, monitoring and reporting to my very best. I am working late, getting in early, working from home and it’s still not enough. I simply can’t get enough of my new job. I LOVE it. It’s making me the happiest I have ever been and it’s because I am valued. My opinion counts, those hours I spend at work five days a week, have gone from being a chore to being longed for.

My seed has become a flower and it’s flourishing, and it’s not because I am green fingered, it’s because it started the same day as me, its success signifies my new career. I have adopted other new-starter plants, and have passed a few almost pot-bound over to the guy downstairs who excels at growing magnificent plants from Associate seeds.

Generally the seed gift does tend to shamefully lead to nothing but some forlorn or dead twigs on the end of peoples desks, but not my desk, at my desk, everything is coming up roses!

If you would love to work at BI WORLDWIDE, check out our careers page.

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