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Berlin - Breaking Down Barriers

One of our key clients in the Media Research Sector holds an association conference for its members every two years and in 2014 celebrated its 50th anniversary. They asked BI WORLDWIDE to source a suitable venue to celebrate this milestone along with the key remit that the focus of the conference should be twofold – looking at how the past has shaped the future but also how to overcome obstacles.

BI WORLDWIDE identified that the Conference would coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling.  Berlin has changed so much over the past quarter of a century that it was immediately adopted as the ideal venue to meet and share innovation in a city that has experienced so much change but embraced it quickly.

The images from 25 years ago of citizens from both sides of the wall taking sledgehammers to  the division of the city led to the theme of “Breaking Down Barriers” being agreed as the message that the Committee wanted the delegates to take home.  Like the tearing down of the Berlin Wall change is not achieved immediately bit over a period of time – emotional change takes longer than physical change and research is based on emotional feedback from the subconscious as well as the conscious.

Working together with the client a series of short sharp conference sessions were devised including a popular 10 in 10 session where speakers had to get across 10 key challenges or facts in their area of the industry in just 10 minutes.  But what are the barriers to successful media research and what are we doing to dispel myths and address these challenges?  Is cross platform media consumption a barrier to accurate measurement?  Are audiences becoming harder to reach and what could this mean for representation and data collection? What walls has the industry successfully torn down and what issues still need to be chipped away?  Berlin 2014 addressed all of these issues and the sessions fed lively debate and sharing of best practice.

25 years after the fall of the Wall, Berlin has its own unique attraction.  The city projects itself as a dynamic metropolis at the heart of Europe.  Today, Berlin is the right selection for anyone who does not want to make any compromises.  The well-developed network of modern hotels, unusual locations and excellent service providers guarantees success conferences and events.

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