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BI WORLDWIDE Accredited to ISO27001: Safe and Secure

The amount of stored information in the world today is enormous, and rates of growth are predicted to accelerate. One estimate is a doubling every two years, and there is now so much data in existence that the term ‘big data’ is commonplace.

This explosion of information has implications for each individual, the most important relating to privacy and security. Successful, secure, management of personal and confidential data on behalf of others is not something that is optional according to Andy Rush, IT director – “if by 2020 the amount of data will increase by a factor of 50, yet those that manage it will increase by a factor of a half, then clearly robust, secure and auditable policies, processes and systems for any professional business handling client data are not ‘nice to haves’.”

Recognising this, BI WORLDWIDE’s Information Security Management System has been audited and accredited to the ISO 27001:2005 standard by QAS International, a standard that recognises the importance of having robust management processes to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Andy Rush again, “much is made of data protection for banks and governments, but the implications are as real for delegates on an incentive travel trip, a conference, an employee engagement programme or a sales incentive. We are serious about information security and want to provide our clients with the confidence their data is completely safe in our hands.”

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