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BI WORLDWIDE binned the desk bins and increased recycling by 100%

BI WORLDWIDE® has dramatically reduced the waste it sends to landfill by over 60%, after ditching 170 Associate desk bins back in April.

Global performance improvement and event agency BI WORLDWIDE® took progressive action to help the environment by removing every desk bin out of its UK office in Newport Pagnell whilst also adding a further 20 bio-degradable recycling points.

At the time of the initiative Managing Director, Mike Davies stated: “We want to reduce the waste we send to landfill sites and help the environment by maximising the amount we recycle".

BI WORLDWIDE® set specific goals to ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’as part of a strategy to allign with the corporate values of ‘being respectful to the community and environment’.

The company was previously sending 3 x 1,000 litre containers to landfill every week. Now the company is sending just one third of this per week and increasing the amount sent for recycling by 100 percent.

Davies further comments on the results: “I’d like to say a big thank you to every
BI WORLDWIDE®Associate for the way they have embraced this initiative and made such a dramatic difference to our environment.”

Other sustainable initiatives used by BI WORLDWIDE® include electric car-charging points outside its office, rewarding employees for car sharing, walking or cycling to work. The agency also gives each of its 170 staff the option to take six days' paid leave a year to volunteer for good causes, and many choose to use this to support local charities and schools.

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