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BI WORLDWIDE Delivers Record Profits

We’re pleased to announce that for a second year running, we have closed our financial year with pre-audited results showing business improvement. Key performance indicators showed improvement in all major operating areas – events, sales incentives and employee engagement programmes.

Key operating indicators, before adoption of accounting practices, show:

· Turnover of £19.3m

· Gross Profit up 4% to £6.8m

· Profit Before Tax up by 37% to £700k

· Cash flow from operations improved by £1.9m

Mike Davies, managing director commented: "Despite a difficult economic climate, I am delighted with the result our business has been able to achieve. Improving on last year's record results is a remarkable achievement and a credit to our associates who continue to prove they are amongst the very best in our industry. We were able to achieve our goal of consolidating last year's growth whilst investing in new technology and growing our associate numbers to deliver both innovation to clients and improvements in efficiency. In particular, our very low staff turnover rate ensured costs were tightly controlled ensuring we delivered value to both our clients and our shareholders."


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