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BI WORLDWIDE Ice Bucket Challenge

BI WORLDWIDE Associates, including Managing Director Mike Davies, participated in the ice bucket challenge, raising over £500 for charity.

The latest trend currently being shared across the world on various social media sites, is to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the neurodegenerative disorder also known as Motor Neurone Disease in the UK.

Originally, it seems that the idea was to either give money to the charity or face the ice bucket challenge however many are now nominating others to participate in the challenge as well as donate.

According to the ALS Association website, this viral challenge has already raised over $94.3 million and more is expected to come.

Mike Davies comments: “It’s amazing that so many of our team have come together to raise awareness and funds for such a good cause. The desire to do good and support others is a cornerstone of our values and is a testament the amazing culture that exists in our company.”

What can we learn from the ice bucket challenge?

This charity is particularly close to BI WORLDWIDE’s Vice President of Reward Systems Tim Houlihan’s heart as one of his brothers suffers from ALS.

Fascinated by the viral challenge, Tim studies the pattern of behaviour and shares four observations of how this type of behaviour can compare to employee engagement and recognition.

Tim writes: “People will change their behaviour in astonishing ways, given the right motivation and the chance to be recognised publicly for it.”

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Donate and feel good

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness and make donations. ALS is the US version of MND (Motor Neurone disease). If you would like to donate to ALS Association (US charity), please visit their website.
To donate to MND, the UK charity, text 'ICED55' including the donation amount to 70070.

We are very aware there has been a lot of concern that the water being used for the challenge is in direct contrast to the work of the Water Aid, which is a charity working to deliver sanitised drinking water to developing world communities. If you would like to donate, here is the link.

Must-see videos!

Watch this video of our BI WORLDWIDE Associates experiencing this crazy challenge!

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