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BI WORLDWIDE Introduces Breakfast For Associates

It’s often called the most important meal of the day, but often breakfast time can be the most frantic of times in many homes. That rush around each morning to get out of the house on time, sort the kids out, get to work, find the car keys, purse/wallet, phones, etc. can mean we don’t always give breakfast the priority it deserves. We know from our work with Southwood school that they believe the best thing we ever did for them was refitting their kitchen, so they can give children some breakfast. This enables them to concentrate more and subsequently gain a better education. So, this set us thinking.

Our associates all have busy lives and we certainly know the commitment they make to our business, often working long hours and probably skipping more than just the odd meal. Are we properly fed ourselves? Whilst we don’t have a full catering facility, we decided we could certainly lay on some breakfast. So, as a trial, starting 8th October, we’re going to offer free breakfasts to our associates. Now if they miss breakfast at home, associates can be assured that there will be something available in the office when they arrive. Bread, butter, cereals, milk, etc. will all be provided in the kitchen each day.

This is all part of our wellbeing programme, which has been regenerated by our newly formed CSR team and is one one of many projects currently being introduced into the company.  

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