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BI WORLDWIDE Nominated Twice in 3rd Annual Canada Vision Awards

Director of Events, David Battley, headed over to Frankfurt last week to visit IMEX and represent BI WORLDWIDE at Business Events Canada’s 3rd Annual Vision Awards.

BI WORLDWIDE - A Global First

The Annual Vision Awards honour those organisations that share Business Events Canada’s vision “to inspire the world to explore Canada”. BI WORLDWIDE achieved a global first by being the first business to be nominated for two awards.

  • “International Customer of the Year” - awarded to an individual or company who works closely with Business Events Canada and its partners to realise the vision. BI WORLDWIDE was nominated by several partners and colleagues at Business Events Canada and has featured Canadian destinations in various pitches, and taken recent incentive groups to destinations such as Tremblanc.
  • “Partner Organisation of the Year” - awarded to an organisation that has collaborated with Business Events Canada to expand Canada’s presence and advance the brand on the global stage. BI WORLDWIDE was nominated for its Vancouver collaborative marketing activity involving the, then, new Virgin Atlantic route, Fairmont Hotels, Tourism Vancouver, Axis Travel Marketing and the BI WORLDWIDE Canada team.

Our thanks go to Business Events Canada and Axis Travel Marketing, the European office for Business Events Canada, for recognising our shared passion for a great incentive destination for European clients, and David’s thanks for a wonderful evening in spent in Frankfurt.

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