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Everyone loves a quick tip, and with over 170 associates, we knew we had a great knowledge base, so with 3 topics decided, we asked our team for their tip tips:

BIW Top Mobile Device Tips

  1. Doing some DIY? Did you know that if you open the compass app on your iPhone and swipe to the left you get a perfect level for hanging shelves.
  2. iPhone notifications can be set so that the phone flashes instead of vibrating or playing a sound, just go to: settings: general: accessibility and choose LED flash for alerts.
  3. WhatsApp – free messaging and picture/video sharing, no need for credit as you just need 3G, and no roaming data charges if you’re abroad so long as you use wifi.
  4. Sleep Cycle - monitors your sleep and tracks when you sleep best/worst.  It analyses patterns that can demonstrate what affects your sleep. It was clear that on the days I ate chocolate I had interrupted shallow sleep! Great for making sure you prepare your day to get the best sleep to have an energetic, eventful summer.
  5. Viber –a mashup between WhatsApp and Skype - you also make calls and send messages to your friends abroad for free.
  6. Map My Run – This is a great app. I use it all the time when I am running or cycling. It gives you loads of routes to choose from. With all the miles of red ways in Milton Keynes it’s great to see all the places you can go and plan ahead, especially if you are going for a family bike ride. It will also tell you how many calories you have lost so you can have that extra sandwich if you stop for a picnic.  
  7. Shazam -Top Mobile Device App, great for when you hear a summer tune in a shop, bar, or on the radio and want to know the name of the song and artist.


Top Summer Kids Activity Tips

  1. Making a camp on the landing out of sheets and blankets and having an indoor picnic when it rains and when it’s not raining, den building in the garden or woodland! Age range 3-103.
  2. A David Attenborough challenge, to take pics of the wildlife that comes into the garden or park, find out what they are and what they do for food and bedtime then make up a bedtime story.
  3. Salcey Forest Treetops walk is great for children and adults alike, and this summer they have the Gruffalo Activity Trail to follow.
  4. Poke a lolly stick/spoon/fork into a peeled banana and whap it in the freezer – noms instant banana lolly – same with strawberries and melon chunks.
  5. Take the family fruit and veg picking. A local place to Milton Keynes is Grove Farm. It’s free to get in, they provide wheel barrows, tools and a list of what’s in season. You then walk all over the fields picking all the fruit and veg you want and then take it to be weighed so you can buy it and make a stonking salad! Makes a difference from them playing on an X-Box!
  6. Another local Milton Keynes tip is a summer school offering a great way to introduce kids to music, theatre, and dance. 


Top Tips for Making a Stonking Salad

  1. Add some fresh mint whole or chopped up (as the leaves look a bit like stinking nettles) for a summer twist to salads. Noms.
  2. I love a good herb salad. Add them to salads through the growing season. It’s easy to grow your own, just cut them regularly even if you don’t want to use them then, so they will continue to grow.
  3. Add some noodles gently cooked in soy sauce – DELISH.
  4. Drizzle toasted sesame seed oil on any boring old salad. Amazing!


Some general tips

  1. Truphone: a sim alternative for cheaper roaming costs etc.
  2. Best place to find cheap accommodation is Air BnB. You can find places to stay pretty much anywhere in the world for peanuts.
  3. Cashback on your online shopping, if you shop online you are missing out on ££££’s of cashback offered by retailers like Amazon, Next, Argos, Homebase. Cashback sites like Quidco allow you to sign up for free and just take a small fee from the cashback that you earn so there is nothing to pay to sign up.
  4. Perk up some dull scrambled egg with freshly cut chives and sage!
  5. Consume about 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily to keep skin supple and protect it from sun damage!

 Our most favourite random tip

  1. You can remove soot residue on a wall or ceiling from candles by rubbing it gently with a slice of white bread!

There it is, our first summation of tips from the BI WORLDIWDE Associates. Look out for our new list next month. Any ideas for topics, feel free to suggest them by tweeting @BIWORLDWIDE_EU #MyTopTip

Some of our followers on Twitter wanted to share their tips too:

Our Tips for salads from our Twitter followers:

Couscous, lemon juice, mint and pomegranate seeds - @babshobbs

Romaine w/grilled chicken almonds, cucumber, tomato shredded colby jack and ranch dressing love me some salad!! - @sandralynn2356

We will announce our topics on twitter @BIWORLDWIDE_EU next week, and would love to hear from you.

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