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Engagement & Performance

BI WORLDWIDE's Employee Engagement Forum

Inviting HR professionals from across the UK to the historic Shakespeare's Globe in London, we successfully hosted an Employee Engagement Forum, exploring the definition of employee engagement and various theories.

The educational event gave HR professionals a greater understanding of what drives positive employee behaviour and the impact engagement has within an organisational culture.

To cover key topics within the Employee Engagement industry, Behavioural Scientist Joe Gladstone, Business Leader Mike Amato, and BI WORLDWIDE's Head of Employee Programmes Phil Williams shared the spotlight. The charismatic Joe Gladstone, who is currently Assistant Professor at University College London, shared some of his most recent academic research with the audience as well as looking into what motivates people with a variety of insightful theories on human behaviour. Joe’s presentation highlighted the power of Behavioural Economics and its importance within the working environment.

Sharing BI WORLDWIDE’s own research on the New Rules of Engagement and making references to Rodd Wagner’s latest book ‘Widgets’, Phil Williams explored a number of key points businesses should be evaluating and addressing to create engagement within the workplace. After lunch, Mike Amato, who has worked for a number of leading financial organisations including Barclays, delved into how a defined culture can lead to business success.

“BI WORLDWIDE always set the bar high and they did not disappoint. The whole day was top class!”

Mike shared a number of his own personal experiences with the audience, leaving them all inspired and ready to network during an interactive workshop. With the question of ‘what’s keeping you awake at night?’ each table were given the opportunity to explore the key topics discussed throughout the day and evaluate what employee engagement concerns they may have. They were asked to present back to the group, allowing these issues to be further discussed.

The event drew to an end, leaving a truly inspired audience to venture back home.

Some of the comments after the event highlighted the benefits of attending the Employee Engagement forum:

“BI WORLDWIDE always set the bar high and they did not disappoint. The whole day was top class!”

“This forum stood out as it had been carefully crafted with its choice of speakers.”

“I picked up key themes throughout the day which have either confirmed or challenged our thoughts and approach.”

Take a look at our short video of the day:

Check out the photos taken on our Employee Engagement Forum Pinterest board.


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