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Blog 13 united Kingdom | By The Crazy Christmas Lady

UNITED KINGDOM | By The Crazy Christmas Lady

Here in the United Kingdom we have so many Christmas traditions throughout the country but one of the things I love is that everyone creates their own little traditions as well.

As much as I love Christmas, and I really, really do, I am very strict. Christmas activities cannot begin until the 1st December with the ceremonious opening of the Advent Calendar. The consumption of that first little chocolate morsel, the first of a million or so ‘Christmas calories’ to be consumed over the next month, is my starting pistol. Christmas has officially begun!

For me it is all about the lead up to the big day. Putting up the decorations, lugging in a real Christmas tree, which I still insist on even though my Mother was right and the pine needles really do drive me nuts (shhh don’t tell her I said that).

A bit of Bublé playing in the background whilst balancing precariously on the back of the sofa trying to get that bit of greenery and ribbon to drape artistically over the edge of a picture frame.

Baking my version of the traditional Christmas cake (no icky mixed peel) and about a thousand biscuits, ready to be decorated with multi-coloured icings (no ‘E’ numbers here!) and tooth breaking silver balls, whilst testing the mulled wine to make sure there is just enough brandy in there (by the end of the evening I find one bottle of brandy to one bottle of wine works really well). After all this, it’s then time to pop on a traditional Christmas film like Die Hard or Scrooged and wrapping the stuffing out of the pile of presents patiently waiting to be transformed into works of art.

The best part of all of this, is that suddenly it’s compulsory to go out on a ‘school night’! You have to fit in Christmas drinks or dinner with just about everyone you know before the big day. Not to mention all the ‘work dos’ that you will need to attend before the much anticipated Christmas holiday. I go out for lunch more in the month of December than the rest of the year combined!

And then if I’m really really lucky and have been a very good girl all year, I might just get my ultimate Christmas wish, a white Christmas.

Wishing you all a magic Christmas
Love The Crazy Christmas Lady

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