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Can events really be risk free?

Can an event really be 'risk-free'?  After seeing a recent article in the Mail Online, about an unfortunate zip-wire incident in Thailand, we asked Rachel Belliere-Wilson, our Operations Director, her opinion:


"The world of live events is full of juxtapositions, and not least where the world of health and safety is concerned.  More and more audiences are looking for high octane, adrenalin-filled experiences, yet everyone wants to remain free from risk.

The Mail Online  recently reported on the “terrifying moment U.S. tourist is left clinging to female traveller half-way along zip wire after Thai instructor forgot to attach his harness…”

Fortunately, the lucky man was pulled up after minutes of terror dangling from the 1,300 foot long wire, but the alarming video footage does raise some serious concerns.

Everyone’s looking for “faster” and cheaper”,  but who’s making sure that “faster” and “cheaper” isn’t at the cost of someone’s life?

As a full service live events agency, we thrive on delivering exciting, action-packed events and we remain successful because they’re safe.  We invest in rigorous training and always equip our team with the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to carry out their work.

Where hazards and risks are concerned, every element of a BIW live event is assessed, putting measures in place where risks are too great.  Every supplier is signed up to a Service Level Agreement which, amongst many other things, sets minimum requirements around health and safety, staff training, responsibility, liability and insurance.  It’s a time consuming process, but a necessary one - it saves lives and mitigates risk of litigation.

So before you go flinging yourself off the next zip wire, make sure you are either prepared to risk assess it thoroughly yourself, or engage a professional agency with qualified staff who can and will do this for you."

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