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Engagement & Performance

Choosing a Motivation Solution

Whoever is being motivated, whether it be employees or channel partners, there are five essential points that need to be communicated to and understood by the target audience. 

  • Firstly, what are they being asked to achieve? 
  • Secondly, how can the audience ensure they are able to achieve what is being asked of them – do they need training to adopt new skills? 
  • Thirdly, the audience needs to understand how the changes they are making positively affect the company objectives and business as a whole. 
  • Fourthly, the audience’s performance must be accurately measured and reported – it is critical to provide them with feedback indicating how well they are performing and whether they have achieved the desired behaviour change. 
  • Finally, the audience should know what is in it for them.  This is where a suitable incentive scheme is implemented in order to reward the participants. However, it is important to understand that, whilst incentives and rewards are important motivational commodities, increased accreditation and peer recognition are true motivators.  The reward must be of “value” to the audience, rather than costly, so recognition from peers may be more valuable to an individual than a tangible reward. 

Here's our quick Q&A Guide to Motivation Solutions:

1: How important do you think incentives and motivation offers have become in the modern B2B marketing environment?
They are vital – particularly in a channel environment where many different manufacturers are using incentives to obtain a share of mind amongst sales staff.  Where employees work in an environment where they are bombarded with incentives, only the most engaging schemes will prove to be successful.  In today’s highly competitive marketplace, characterised by the opening up of markets and more demanding customers, motivation is needed now more than ever.  Customers need to be motivated to buy and remain loyal, sales people need to be inspired to sell, channels and vendor parties need to be encouraged to enhance their brand awareness, and employees at all levels need to be motivated to continually improve performance; all of it focussing on the ultimate goal of achieving financial success for the organisation.

2: How have the rewards and incentives schemes developed over the last few years? Have you seen any major changes in how these schemes are used within B2B organisations?
Although the basic principles and theories on how to motivate staff has not changed, the use of technology has allowed an increasing number of companies to implement incentive schemes to a wider audience, quickly and effectively.

3: Motivating staff is clearly a focus of incentive schemes, but is motivating strategic partners, also becoming an established component of the incentives landscape?

Motivating strategic partners is very prominent in the incentive landscape, but it poses more difficulties that motivating one’s own employees.  This is due to the fact that a company will have less direct control over a strategic partner.  It is harder to motivate, communicate, measure and recognise someone else’s employees or business partners than it is your own staff. In order to be successful is it important to adopt a ‘sell not tell’ approach when motivating strategic partners.

4: Can you outline your incentive/motivation solution(s) and also tell me what makes your system different from the others in the marketplace?

BI WORLDWIDE sells bespoke high-end solutions to blue-chip companies.  Motivating employees should be considered a science, and it is critical that any motivation programme is tailored not only to each specific company but also to the audience at which it is targeted.

AwardperQs is a revolutionary reward system developed by BI WORLDWIDE.  It contains over 1,000 products and experiences, and is accessed online. Deployed internationally, the system offers merchandise, travel and experiences that engage emotions, focus efforts and create personal goals that result in truly motivated people who achieve more. 

AwardperQs is specially designed to help participants maintain continuous focus through regular and effective communication.  Its popularity is testament to its success; it is the third largest points-based currency in the USA after frequent flyer programmes.

5: What advice would you give to a B2B company that wants to get involved with incentivisation for the first time?

It is essential that the company sets clear objectives and then seeks a supplier to help build a complete motivation programme and not simply provide cheap rewards. In order to do this it is necessary to spend time considering the audience, and to ask the question - what will truly motivate and inspire them to change their behaviour? However, research demonstrates that it is not advisable to ask the audience what they want as they will always choose cash (or its nearest equivalent, e.g. vouchers). This is rarely the incentive that will deliver the best result for the company. {Further information regarding this research is available from BI WORLDWIDE if required}

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