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Christmas Top Tips

Some timely Christmas tips from our rather festive Associates!

Perfect wrapping techniques

  • Buy gift bags and boxes and they always look perfect
  • My perfect wrapping tip is literally to ‘tip’ my sister 50p per present to wrap them up for me!
  • Take your time. First impressions are everything
  • Make things yourself/individually. I always appreciate a handmade card from a friend (no matter how simple or un-professional it looks) rather than a bought one
  • Christmas should be about giving people time, care and thought rather than spending as much as possible, as quickly as possible with the most professional wrapping
  • I saw a recent TV advert where a woman was photocopying Christmas paper. Why not design your own wrapping paper and then have it photocopied?
  • My perfect wrapping technique at Christmas is to buy a massive roll of the really cheap brown paper from the post office (it lasts foreverr) and then I buy different coloured twine and ribbon from my local florists to tie around the gifts And I ALWAYS put sequins inside the presents, for an extra sparkly surprise upon opening!
  • Use cereal boxes! Or gift bags and tissue paper! Roll the gift in cardboard to make a cracker! Use fabric!


 Buying for that person you really don’t know

  • Play it safe. Food or wine
  • is a fantastic website for bespoke gifts which can be generic as ‘someone who likes animals’
  • If someone doesn’t know me, I always appreciate a smelly candle


 Best Secret Santa gift ideas

  • Buy something that you would like to receive, don’t try and be too funny… people get embarrassed easily!
  • I like using my imagination for Secret Santa. I can’t help it. And if they don’t like it, I guess it’s the thought that always counts!
  • Get lucky - lottery tickets!
  • Sweet tooth - chocolates!
  • Alcohol!
  • 2015 Calendar!


 How not to end up being THAT person at the works Christmas do

  • Do not drink!  
  • Eat!! Don’t get drinks in rounds! Drink water!
  • Hydration pre Christmas do is key… plus lots of carbs to line your tummy! Or… just don’t drink that much!
  • *no comment* (not yet anyway – I’ve not been here long!)


 How to get out the door in no time at all

  • Plan, plan, plan
  • Preparation – forward planning is key
  • Cut all your hair off – no hair straighteners required!
  • It’s all in the prep! For me, the night before!
  • My tip is to invest in some foldable flat pumps – they can fit in your handbag and you can bring them out when you can’t stand your heels any longer! They will keep you dancing all night long!  A great secret Santa presents as well


 How to make the best Christmas pud 

  • What is wrong with the M&S pud?
  • Never made one! Speak to my Nan
  • NUTS! A non nutty chrimbo pud is rubbish!


 How to keep the kids entertained 

  • Use simple things such as wooden spoons, and plastic cooking utensils, shiny paper use as toys   
  • Leave them at nans
  • Art and Crafts. The pottery painting café in our local Newport Pagnell high street is a cheap and alternative way to spend a few hours, plus you can paint Christmas presents for your family! WIN WIN


 How to make the best small talk at parties

  • Shadow the sales team to learn from the best
  • Ask people what they love the most about Xmas, who doesn’t like Xmas!?
  • UGH. Hate small talk


 How to have a brilliant New Year’s eve party

  • Champagne, laughter and looking forward. Not interested in tears and looking back – what’s the point?
  • Try not to plan too much at NYE to avoid disappointment


 What’s a great pressie for under a tenner?


 What’s the best thing to buy for the person who has everything

  • Charity donation
  • Your time
  • Always bespoke – that way you know you are getting something haven’t got! It doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Something really childish. I’m buying my dad a massive Nerf gun this year. And he is going to seriously love it. My mum – not so much


 What's your best ever pressie

  • Best ever pressie – a book my mum used to read to me when I was young. Wasn’t expecting it but nostalgia and fond memories made for a very sentimental Christmas!
  • my kindle from my husband
  • Couldn’t say, love them all
  • Flights to Amsterdam for my birthday from my awesome boyfriend!


 Anything else seasonal….?

  • Spend time with family and friends and not buying gifts, it’s more fun and memorable
  • Leona Lewis – One More Sleep is the catchiest Christmas song in the world!! If you listen to it in the morning, it’ll be stuck in your head all day and most probably drive your colleagues mad ;) it’s also great motivation for putting up the Christmas deccies!


I think you will agree, there are some excellent tips there from our knowledgeable Associates.  Check out our career opportunities to join our team.

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