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Day 17 | Christmas down under in Australia by Karen Mathieson, ID Events Australia

Christmas “down under” by Karen Mathieson, Director of Sales and Operations, ID Events Australia

Us Aussies enjoy a warm Christmas, with our weather the exact opposite to the northern hemisphere. Whilst old traditions still play a part, (we do hang wreaths and we do enjoy Christmas carols) our holiday season is increasingly more likely to take in cold salads with seafood and play beach cricket games.

The more adventurous Aussies even unpack the tent and head “bush” to go camping, whilst most others fire up the barbie for prawns accompanied by good Aussie sparkling wine.

Christmas trees are often Christmas Bush – a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream flowers and red berries. Christmas cards and wrapping paper often depict bush Christmas scenes.

Boxing Day is a huge day for us too. Mostly it involves beach days, cricket at the SCG or watching the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, which is visible from many vantage points on Sydney's sparkling harbour.

Increasingly we are celebrating our non-traditional Christmas climate and as it coincides with the summer school holidays, this time of year is our most important holiday period. Family and friends get together and enjoy the social aspect of the festive season!

Read more about ID Events Australia here, check out all our Christmas specials on our Blog and check out our Flavours of the Festive Season Pinterest board.

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