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Day 21 | BRAZIL | Christmas in Rio de Janeiro

BRAZIL | Christmas in Rio de Janeiro from John Hooker, Chief Operating Officer, TLC Brazil DMC

Some things just don’t work in 30°C heat and Santa trying to look cold is one of them! This is what happens when you have Christmas in the middle of the summer.  

The Brazilians love the idea of a traditional Christmas with the big tree and decorations and Rio de Janeiro is very proud to have the biggest Christmas tree in the world.

Brazilians take much from the Portuguese with the main celebration being on Christmas Eve and unlike the Brits who have turkey, the main dish is Bacalhau using salt cod and potatoes.  There is no Christmas pudding instead there is a much lighter version of the Christmas fruit cake.

The real celebration is New Year’s Eve and the tradition in Rio is to dress all in white, go to Copacabana Beach to take a dip in the sea at midnight – to cleanse the past and look forward to the New Year with a clear conscious and positivity.  

Brazilians are very positive in many respects and when you have 30°C weather, especially when they are standing on the beach looking at a world famous fireworks display, as somehow the worries of the world, just for a moment, disappear.

Merry Christmas from Brazil!

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