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Eco-friendly BI WORLDWIDE bin the desk bins

BI WORLDWIDE are always looking for progressive ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to be more eco-friendly and to do the very best for our environment and our associates.  So, at the beginning of May, at the end of a working day, we removed 120 of our bins from our UK office in Newport Pagnell.

We then replaced them all with 20 bio-degradable recycling points around the company office, and the bins themselves have been recycled.

Removal of the desk bins has been welcomed by our 160+ associates as we are all dedicated to our global corporate values, one of which is ‘to place value in our clients, our community, our environment and ourselves.’ Binning our desk bins was just another small step to ensure we continuously strive to reach our environmental goals.

Our Managing Director, Mike Davies commented: “We want to reduce the waste we send to landfill sites and help the environment by maximising the amount we recycle.  This campaign is just one very small step for each individual to make, but when you add up 160 small steps in just one office, it starts to have a real impact.

BI WORLDWIDE promises to always look for new ways to be respectful to our community and the environment by continually seeking new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Other sustainable initiatives we have in place include electric car-charging points outside our Newport Pagnell offices and rewarding our associates with our employee reward and recognition scheme for car sharing, walking or cycling to work. We also give each of our 160+ staff the option to take six days' paid leave each year in order to volunteer for good causes, and many choose to use this to support local charities and schools.

The driving force behind the environmental campaigns come from our own internal group of willing volunteers who have agreed to champion sustainability, volunteering and associate wellbeing for BI WORLDWIDE.

This proactive and driven team are named: SAVERs:

Associate wellbeing 
Environmental awareness
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse 

The SAVERs are already looking for the next environmental improvement. We will keep you updated.

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