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8 ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, here's eight fun employee engagement ideas you can practise with your colleagues today!

1. Offer a cuppa!
Make a cup of coffee or tea just the way they like it with a “Thank you” post-it on the outside of the cup. Maybe add a biscuit or two, just for good measure.

2. Always time for a treat.
Buy some treats, cakes or snacks for your team. As well as the regular option of doughnuts or cupcakes, why not try a more healthy option with some fruit pots? Especially for those who are health conscious.

3. Public recognition.
If it’s appropriate, saying “thanks” in public can multiply the sense of pride and praise for the individual. It doesn't need to be in front of the whole business - maybe try it in your next team meeting?

4. Give some free time.
How about letting someone leave a little early, or enjoy a little longer for lunch? Or better still, pay for lunch?!

5. A note of appreciation.
Give out certificates, or simple hand-written thank you notes, with thoughtful comments about each person, such as: “Thanks for your help today, although you were super busy, you always make time to help others” or “Thanks for doing an awesome job as always!”. Receiving something like this can certainly help make their day.

6. Get online!
Remember that recognition programme the company rolled out? When did you last use it to recognise a colleague? This is especially good if your colleagues are in different locations, or even different countries and time zones. Make them smile when they open that recognition email that is personalised for them!

7. Give up your own time.
Start a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions and engage in conversations. You will be amazed by the great ideas your employees have if you listen to them.

8. Don't overlook the obvious..
Talk to your colleagues or employees and let them know personally that you appreciate what they do - whether that's in a regular catch-up meeting or over a cup of coffee!

These eight ideas are great ways to show your appreciation. After all, who doesn’t like to be recognised? Just be sure to make it positive, personal and immediate. It makes the biggest impact when it’s given regularly and sincerely.

Although Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated once a year, employee engagement is the key to improving business performance and should be practised every day throughout the year.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we work with a number of clients offering Employee Engagement solutions. Using the principles of Behavioural Economics, we know engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organisation*. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our friendly team!

*Research by Dr Brad Shuck, Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville.

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