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Global Food Festival

Summer is here, the seasonal strawberries are ripening and the sun shines brighter (at the time of writing) and longer. Everything becomes more social and pleasant, so no better time to have a virtual food festival then.

With a combined events experience measuring scores of years and hundreds of thousands of miles travelled running thousands of corporate events, we’ve encountered some pretty amazing, strange and just plain odd things on the menus and dining tables of hotels and restaurants the world over. We figured if we have then so have our clients, partners, media and the meetings, conferences, and incentive events world in general. No better ingredients for a social, sharing food festival.

Signature Dishes

So what is amazing, strange or just plain odd? We have invited hotel partners from around the world to share with us the signature dishes that make them famous, but we also need your experiences of dishes that maybe signature for other cultures but are a little alien to our palate.

Share what you’ve been served

Send us a picture and brief description of what it is and where you encountered it and you’ll be entered into a draw to win the one thing recognised by all those in the world of corporate events – a bottle of bubbly.

Moose Pizza, Home Smoked Lobster, Mallorcan Coca, Putrefied Shark…

Head to the Pinterest Food Festival board to see who has sent what, from where and see if anything tickles the palate, or stretches the concept of edible to the limit.

There are three bottles of bubbly to be won by corporate event organisers* (hotel partners are not included in the draw unfortunately) – a short list will be drawn up by a panel from members of the events teams in the BI WORLDWIDE global offices and then put to the vote.


* - there is some small print. We run this competition as a way of engaging our partners with our marketplace, hence entry is limited to corporate event organisers. More info here.

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