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The fuel behind event management

When it comes to running events, it’s not as straight forward as some may think. Demonstrating creativity, persistence, adaptability, and strong project management are essential skills needed by any event planner to ensure a happy client.

Events Project Executive, Rachel Boardman, shares what she has learnt working in the events industry so far.

What have you learnt?

“If anything, working in events has taught me that persistence is key. This is one of the many stand-out qualities I constantly see in the events business. It is incredible how skills such as creativity and persistence can fuel an event. When a client is very detailed in their brief and expects the ‘never-been-done-before’ to appear, it takes these two elements to find magic.”

What are your tips on project managing an event?

“Let’s set the scene, you have a client who has set the standard high. They have already pictured what they want and it is now your task to produce that dream event. Where do you start? You begin by exploring every avenue you have at your disposal and you don’t give up until you are absolutely convinced that it cannot be done.

"You don’t know if you don’t ask, right? I have seen cases where the avenues have been thoroughly explored and yet seasoned events professionals have still discovered great opportunities. These professionals were able to bounce the clients’ ideas off trusted suppliers and create a whirlwind of possibilities. This knowledge and skill results in the production of bespoke experiences that capture the imagination of clients and ensure experienced and memorable events are three dimensional."

Final thought

"To provide a successful event, you must stay tenacious. Never give up, or doubt yourself, keep persevering and eventually an idea will turn into a magical moment for your client. If you can do this, the events world is full of possibilities and many incredible memories for you and your clients."

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