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Engagement & Performance

Getting Your Message Across

Within any incentive programme, communication and motivation work intrinsically together. Communications are fundamental to positively influence the behaviour of the audience. However, the nature of those communications and the media by which they are delivered is key to ensuring the message is effectively understood.

New Media, New Applications, New Methods

Our industry and the audiences we target has become ever more sophisticated, so we need to find imaginative and engaging ways to communicate to the audience, keeping abreast of the technology available to us. Using media such as the web and email allows us to cut through the existing noise, to deliver an incentive programme that will keep audiences fully engaged and motivated to achieve a programme's objectives.

Although the web remains a highly effective medium to engage users in interactive communications, we can't always assume that audiences will have unlimited web access. In fact, many channel audiences, such as those in the automotive industry, still don't have regular access to PCs. In these instances, SMS text messages are a great way to guarantee communication with these people who are often based on the showroom floor.

Interconnected Devices

With the rise of hand-held PDAs and iphones, participants are more likely to be able to pick up emails and web updates on the road, this also means that they can log their sales as soon as they happen – helping them to report up-to-the-minute data and remain engaged in the programme. Not to mention the ease of delivery instant messages, performance updates and feedback to them wherever they are.

Mixing SMS with web and email can be a very effective way to capture participation and a feeling of involvement in a programme.

However, we have to bear in mind that emails and SMS are simply delivery methods, ultimately its down to the creative, clever and fun application of these methods of communication that deliver the actual results. In order for communication to be effective, the content, the look and the timing are the factors that hold the most importance when trying to get a message to reach an audience.

It's not an online/offline question rather more a iphone/android question now? Which do you prefer?

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