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Hosted by Delta Air Lines: BI WORLDWIDE visits Atlanta

BI WORLDWIDE's Group Aviation Manager Jo McGuiness, Group Aviation Project Manager Ged Mills, and Events Project Manager Louise Farrell had the chance to fly to Atlanta and be the first UK incentive agency to be hosted by Delta Air Lines, Inc. at their Atlanta airport headquarters.

With no previous experience of flying with Delta, this was a unique opportunity for Jo, Ged and Louise to get a very in-depth understanding into the operational aspects of Delta, as well as a first-hand feel for the brand. The team went with the sole expectation to understand the in-flight experience and airport functionality, but came away with a new found appreciation for the Delta brand. 

The ‘Spirit of Delta’ is still embedded in today’s operations and running of the airline. Delta originated as a crop dusting company in the early 1900s, progressing into a multinational business that operates a fleet of passenger aircrafts to over 300 destinations. 

In 2017 Delta increased its stake in Virgin Atlantic Airways, which the two companies hope will strengthen the partnership and become the airline of choice for customers. BIW has extensive experience of working with Virgin Atlantic, making this recent brand alignment beneficial when offering new flight options to clients. 

London to Atlanta

Delta organised this trip for BIW to demonstrate all the components that go into flight planning and execution. From the moment they passed through security at London Heathrow, having access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, to the overnight flight back from Atlanta, the team were exposed to every aspect of the Delta experience.

The Delta aircraft has many features as standard; the team were particularly impressed with the attentiveness of the inflight staff, and the quality of service they received.  


“It was a fantastic opportunity to travel with Delta, experiencing Delta brand immersion. With a greater understanding of the brand, we can put forward Delta and its services with confidence.”

  • Jo McGuinness
  • Group Aviation Manager


Behind the scenes at Delta

A particular highlight of the trip was visiting Delta’s Operations Customer Centre (OCC) in Atlanta. The team witnessed Delta’s OCC balancing the planned scheduled flights, combined with operational constraints and disruptions whilst all the while achieving top tier level of service.  

Security and communication are of utmost importance in the OCC and these two aspects are kept in unison by being in the same location. This allows quick reactions and constant knowledge sharing amongst all departments that contribute to the smooth running of flights.  

Delta’s Flight Superintendent performs a critical role in the safe completion of a flight’s journey; this role provides coordinated assistance in the planning, monitoring and support along the route for Delta’s more than 2,500 daily flights in the US and around the world. They work with flight crews to execute the flight plan from pre-departure, managing all operations issues along the flight path to safe arrival at its destination.

What makes Delta Air Lines a particularly unique brand is their dedicated team of meteorologists that map weather patterns and produce predictions for the OCC on potential disruptions.

Jo, Ged and Louise were given a thrilling experience in a flight simulator, which provided them with an understanding of different environments and scenarios the pilot has to go through when flying the aircraft.

A key strategic element of Delta’s day to day operations is managing the large quantities of luggage that passes through Atlanta airport. The team experienced the day to day running of this element of the airport, going underneath the main airport concourse into the mechanics of the luggage sorting area.  Delta always aims to minimise disruptions due to luggage, with processes in place to ensure smooth running of connecting flights and the ability to manually scan any missing luggage.

Reflecting on the experience Jo McGuinness comments: “It was a fantastic opportunity to travel with Delta experiencing, Delta brand immersion. With a greater understanding of the brand, we can put forward Delta and its services with confidence.”

The intricate exposure to the behind the scene’s operations of both the flight and airport allows BIW’s Group Aviation Team to consider every detail when planning an event. Overall the experience exceeded the expectations of the Team, and has created a truly memorable experience which can be applied to future events that have an aviation aspect.


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