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How to make your employee engagement programme deliver amazing business results

Making a few changes to your employee engagement or recognition programme can have an incredible impact on your business. Do you want your employee recognition programme to deliver amazing results? Make note of some small changes you could make in your recognition programme that would have a big impact on your staff engagement strategy.

More than ever, companies today are achieving amazing recognition results. A recent BI WORLDWIDE survey revealed encouraging statistics on the success of recognition programmes at Fortune 500 companies. Employees and their managers were measured on their awareness and opinions of the recognition programmes at their respective organisations, as well as their satisfaction with them.

The good news is statistics like these are just as achievable as they are impressive. Make note of some small changes you could make in your recognition programme that would have a big impact on your staff engagement strategy.

Make it easy.

  1. Make sure everyone at your company understands how the recognition programme works. A clear, engaging communications plan is vital to building awareness and inspiring participation.
  2. Choose a platform that is mobile-friendly. Your employees are online and on-the-go; they’ll want to use their phones and other smart devices to give and receive recognition.
  3. Make it easy to recognise someone. Try to design as few steps as possible and make them as simple as you can. You want the act of recognising to be quick and easy enough for employees and managers to do every day.

Be meaningful.

  1. Don’t kill the meaning. People need to be part of something bigger than just a job and receiving a pay slip! Meaning drives higher performance.
  2. Get inside their heads. Make your recognition personal so it truly resonates with individual employees. More than ever, great managing is a matter of intense understanding of each individual employee, knowing his or her abilities, aspirations and working style.
  3. Emphasise the importance of timely recognition. Late recognition can be perceived as an after-thought; prompt recognition signals sincere appreciation and is all the more powerful.

Educate your leaders.

  1. Magnify their success. Making a big deal of employees’ accomplishments ensures the victories will be multiplied. Employees who are recognised for jobs well done are happier, more productive and more likely to repeat the behaviour for which they are recognised.
  2. Emphasise the importance of targeted recognition. A random, off-the-cuff “good job” is not as likely to be remembered and appreciated as recognition that addresses a specific behaviour, action, attribute or attitude.
  3. Build and sustain a culture of recognition. Make sure managers truly understand what it means to develop and sustain a culture of recognition and that their participation is essential to its success.
  4. Determine the impact of recognition by measuring both your existing employees and new employees. How important is recognition to your existing employees’ job satisfaction and loyalty? How did it affect your new hires’ decision to join your company? Then share the good news with your managers.

If you’d like to learn more about BI WORLDWIDE’s Employee Engagement solutions, we’d love to hear from you. After all, employee engagement is the key to improving performance.

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