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Engagement & Performance

How to measure Employee Engagement

Finding out how to measure Employee Engagement can be a tricky task. At BI WORLDWIDE we can directly link Employee Engagement to measurable business results, and here's how...

Definition of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is when an employer provides an enriching and encouraging environment to grow and impassion their staff. This leads to an emotional connection to the company and brand, and results in extraordinary effort and positive financial results.

At BI WORLDWIDE we believe by implementing a staff engagement strategy and programme will help increase business profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, quality, safety, retention, wellness and sales growth. Here’s the evidence…

Companies in the top quartile of engagement scores had 50% higher total shareholder return than the average company.

Engaged employees have 10% higher productivity and 60% higher quality than under engaged employees.

Customer Satisfaction

Companies with highly engaged employees score between 12% and 34% higher in customer satisfaction ratings.

Among Fortune 100 companies, there was a 1,000% decrease in errors among engaged vs disengaged employee populations.

Highly engaged employees have 48% fewer safety incidents.

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organisation. They are five times less likely to leave than employees who are not engaged.

Engaged employees are 21% more likely to be involved in personal wellness efforts which in turn reduces sick time off work and improves productivity.

Sales Growth
Each incremental percentage of employees who become engaged predicts an incremental 0.6% growth in sales

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