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Is London the world's most popular travel destination?

Recent articles in C&IT and national newspapers stated London remains top on the list as an international travel destination - is this the trend for events operated by
BI WORLDWIDE? Operations Director Rachel Belliere-Wilson, gives us her views:

It’s no surprise that London has increased in popularity following the massive investment that took place pre-Olympics and this has continued, to a degree, post Olympics too. Better hotel product; innovative function and dining space; better standards of more accessible infrastructure etc.

There’s no doubt that London does look better than ever. However, from our European office, we’re not seeing a trend in increased business conversion specifically to the UK or London.

The British pound (£) remains pretty strong at the moment, so for our European client-base, events in mainland Europe are arguably more appealing as we’re able to design some great programmes packed with content and quality but not costing the earth. For instance, we operated two large programmes for similar A-list brands earlier this year, one in Lisbon and one in London. Our negotiated rates were €160 in Lisbon and £260 in London!

Over the past 12 months, only six percent of the events we’ve operated have resided in London, however, our global offices (particularly those in Asia and USA) are still finding London to be an incredibly inspirational destination for their local markets. That’s really no surprise with its great landmark hotels, the city’s heritage, the many amazing events and activities that can be created and of course, fabulous dining covering cuisine from all over the world.

London remains an all-time great, so as long as it doesn’t price itself out of the market and it continues to innovate, whilst protecting its wonderful heritage, it has a worthy place at the top of any list. 

Since the beginning of 2015, BI WORLDWIDE has operated events in the following destinations:

  • Short haul – London, Budapest, Prague, Spain, Iceland, Lisbon, Athens, Warsaw, Marrakech, Sweden, Seville, Barcelona, Vienna, Munich, Limerick, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid

  • Long haul – India, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Orlando, Austin, California, New York, Las Vegas


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