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It's the end of the financial year – the perfect time to ask some great questions to our Associates

It's a brand new year, bringing new challenges and new objectives. It's good to find out how our people are feeling, what makes them happy and how we can improve.

It’s also a nice time to ask about some random subjects – we found out that we have more jokers at BI WORLDIWDE than we first thought!


What’s the best thing about your job?

The top two answers with the majority of the votes were “the people I work with” (60%) and “the experiences it gives me”, the next two top answers were “the opportunities I have open to me”, “the challenges" and "being recognised” 

We then asked what our guys and gals considered to be the worst thing about their job (as if there is such a thing), the results were incredibly positive, especially our top answer (over 34%) confirming “nothing – I love it!

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

One Associate captured the overriding feeling of nostalgia perfectly quoting: “Take every opportunity that comes your way. Be positive and polite – people like working with happy, outgoing and positive people. What others think of you in the workplace matters and will get you further than you think. Opportunities will come your way.”

Others urged themselves to throw on a backpack and explore the world whilst young, wild and free but to also make sure they gained as much work experience as possible because it makes finding a job that much easier!

Here is a quick selection of some answers:

Go with your heart and do what YOU want to do; not just because it is highly regarded or what is expected.”

Everything is a learning experience - whether it is good or bad you will take something from it.”

Research careers more thoroughly, intern at different companies and understand your strengths.”

Don't be scared to follow your dreams!

Always be honest, reliable and hardworking - it will pay off.”

Have you made any plans for retirement?

Over half of our peeps (59%) said that they have a pension, compared to the national average of 36% of women and 39% of men, whereas 30% are yet to start considerately saving for their retirement.

4% ticked the response: “I am already mega rich, I just haven't told anyone yet” – Cheeky!

What do we do?

Brain capacities were tested when the team were asked to explain in one sentence; ‘just what is it that we do at BI WORLDWIDE’? Our leadership team were relieved to know that the majority of our staff know exactly what’s going on. “BIW create, maintain and develop business incentives in the form of events, performance improvement programmes, etc. for a number of market leading clients worldwide” - Phew!

Two of the best short and sweet answers were “Help to motivate people in their jobs.” And “We make our clients look good”.

The funniest answers included “Employ me :)” and “It’s complicated”.

Keep calm and carry on

The team shared their top tips for keeping calm when stress levels rise. Regular exercise, fresh air and keeping everything in perspective were amongst the favourite tips. A cup of frothy hot chocolate from the coffee machine also seemed to be a powerful stress reliever. Apparently so is walking around a field, alcohol and deep breathing techniques! Our favourite response was quite Mr Schwarzenegger “I don’t do stress!

Globetrotting. Our question: Where did you last go on holiday?

There’s nothing our Associates love more than jumping on a plane and seeing the world - especially our events gurus! Favourite holiday destinations include Sardinia, Japan, Egypt and Panama City. Some more specific answers included, Ojen, Florence, Glastonbury (!) our favourite response to this question ‘where’ did you go on holiday was: “last month”.

Favourite tipple

Most of our associates seem to enjoy a small drink on a Friday evening. Prosecco, white wine and Gin & Tonic are the tipples of choice with Absinthe, Tequila and Irish whiskey as some of the stronger stuff reserved for those difficult weeks!

What do you think of our refurbishment so far?

Loads of lovely responses to our extensive refurbishment; our teams love the new and exciting refurb currently going on around the office. Comments included: “Amazing, we are so lucky to work for a company that is investing in improving our environment”, “Funky”, “Colourful and clean”, “fab” and “Decent! Thumbs up!”.

Other interesting things we now know about our associates at BI WORLDWIDE:

  • We, generally, have small feet! Sizes 4-5 and 6-7 are the most prevalent. Which is not surprising as 71% of our associates are female!
  • All of us currently love our managers
  • Unfortunately, the “dancing girls” wasn’t an option for ‘the best thing about your job’ question
  • We have one rather surprised associate who informed us “I never thought I'd reach 25 (because I'm so rock 'n' roll), so the fact that I'm even planning to retire is a bonus.”

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