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Engagement & Performance

Keeping your employees engaged in 2019

As we begin a fresh New Year and the festive season is now a fuzzy distant memory, getting back into the swing of things can certainly be a challenge, not just for you, but also for your organisation. We want our teams to be fully engaged, striving to hit those goals and perform to their best ability. So how do you try and improve morale and increase productivity?

Recent survey results published by Cascade HR show the majority of HR leaders believe employee engagement will be one of the most challenging agenda items for 2019.

As a leader in employee engagement, we know an engaged workforce is far more productive than a dis-engaged one. We asked our team of BI WORLDWIDE experts for their top tips on keeping employee engagement levels high, not just for the beginning of the New Year, but throughout 2019!

Recognise the hard work of your employees

Recognition goes a long way to keeping employees engaged and motivated. When was the last time you recognised your colleague? Be it a simple email to say thanks for a job well done or through a dedicated employee recognition system visible to the entire company.

BI WORLDWIDE’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Troy Busch comments: “It can be all too easy to overlook a simple thankyou to a colleague, but these small acts of recognition go a long way.  Appreciation is part of our daily lives, as social beings we enjoy interaction with each other and to be appreciated for a job well done aligns with our behaviours naturally.”

At BI WORLDWIDE, we very much practise what we preach. As we offer our clients the most advanced social recognition system in the world (DayMaker), we also use the recognition programme within our business and it’s a great success! Last year, 30,000+ recognitions were sent internally, which is a lot of people saying thank you!

Make Monday the best day of the week!

It’s always best to start the week off with a positive attitude, and this can be achieved with some simple perks in the office or workplace. Organising a team breakfast ‘huddle’ with healthy food and encouraging people to share their tasks and goals for the upcoming week or month could have a great impact on morale and general productivity.

BI WORLDWIDE’s HR Director, Laurence Rix comments: “This January at BI WORLDWIDE the big set piece will be a Healthy Eating Week. A combination of challenges, exchanges of recipes and food and drinks to sample. Alongside this we will also run a number of local department-based activities including lunchtime walks, promotion of walking meetings, encouragement of lunch breaks, good news boards, and ideas exchanges.”

Reward and empower! 

How do you currently reward your employees? At BI WORLDWIDE, we believe non-monetary rewards are memorable and have a longer-term impact on engagement levels than hard cash. January always feels like a super long month for our employees and everyone feels the financial pinch! Offering a small memorable reward this month will go a long way to the person receiving it.

To go alongside our social recognition system DayMaker, we offer our clients an array of rewards through our Global Reward Marketplace. Employees can reward their colleagues with points which they can then spend in the catalogue. A little treat for themselves this month purchased using points will relieve the feeling of guilt!

"We all have the power to decide how we want to feel about our day. We can choose to frame January as a month for the ‘blues’ or we can take it as our opportunity to set the tone for a successful year!"

  • Lisa Kirkwood-Jones
  • Head of Client Relationships

Check-in on your team’s wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a hot topic amongst many organisations, with each company adopting the concept slightly differently. According to a recent article published by People Management, companies that initiate wellbeing activities in January are much more likely to carry on throughout the rest of the year. 

It’s important to know what drives engagement within your team and remember one size doesn’t fit all! This January, BI WORLDWIDE’s wellbeing champions from each department launched a number of small activities for their teams to keep the January blues at bay. This has included a ‘Kindness Wall’ display, encouraging Associates to share how they have been kind to themselves such as getting an early night, reading a book, eating a healthy lunch or going to the gym.

BI WORLDWIDE’s Head of Client Relationships, Lisa Kirkwood-Jones comments: “Identifying ‘cheerleaders’, the naturally positive team members, and revving them up can be a great way to get the rest of the team to lead by example. We all have the power to decide how we want to feel about our day. We can choose to frame January as a month for the ‘blues’ or we can take it as our opportunity to set the tone for a successful year! …

Personally, my goal this year is to be more like my two-year-old daughter Penelope. By this I aim to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, be silly and not take things too seriously. It’s amazing how having a little bit of fun for a few minutes with your team can lift the mood and help everyone gain perspective!”

Introduce and embrace a work-life balance 

It’s important to remember your employees have commitments outside of the office, so offering flexible working enables individuals to find the right balance between managing workload and home life.

We all need to charge our batteries from time-to-time, so encouraging employees to make use of their annual leave and other company benefits such as Sabbaticals also has a positive impact on their work. Whilst sabbaticals were once only considered for academics, they are becoming increasingly popular for commercial workforces. It allows the individual to take time off to pursue something valuable to them and return to work feeling fulfilled.

BI WORLDWIDE is an advocate of sabbaticals and Events Project Executive, Teresa Allen was lucky enough to make the most of this unique benefit. Teresa comments: “After 9 years of dedicating myself to client accounts, I decided I wanted to pursue some travel experiences of my own to develop further knowledge of personally undiscovered destinations. Having an extended amount of time away from the office meant I could literally go to the ends of the earth and explore New Zealand and Bali in a way that I would never have been able to do in a regular fortnight of annual leave.

“I feel I have come back to work with more confidence in myself and my abilities and I am so grateful I had the opportunity and support from BI WORLWIDE to do something I wouldn’t have ordinarily been able to do.”

BI WORLDWIDE also gives Associates the opportunity to volunteer for a charity or cause of their choice, by offering twelve paid half days a year. BI WORLDWIDE’s Head of New Business, Marina Banusic concludes: “Give your employees the chance to enrich their lives and experience as much as they can. By being a flexible employer, you empower your employees, which in return, contributes to their role and productivity.”

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to engage your workforce, take a look at the Employee Engagement page on our website, or contact us today at

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