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Learning at Work Week

The UK holds a national Learning at Work Day each May and every year BI WORLDWIDE takes part by dedicating a week to increasing associates’ knowledge and allowing them to learn more about the areas of the business, their colleagues and themselves.

This is offered through a range of activities, from the fun, yet highly competitive BI WORLDWIDE version of Family Fortunes, to having the chance of a member of the management team work shadow an associate, and then a swap over so the associate work shadows them. BI WORLDWIDE also hosts a series of knowledge-sharing sessions and training that, this year, includes a partnership with MK College offering a range of courses for associates to take part in. Daily communications are also sent out throughout the week full of interesting websites, brain teasers and questions – all to get the brain going. This year, we will also be joining up with author Peter Freeth to discover the ‘Genius at Work’ through workshops to develop performance by discovering and sharing talents.

Learning at Work Week is always a resounding success, so much so that we’ve been doing it every year for the last eight years. All the workshops and training sessions that are arranged are well attended, and it really is great to see how competitive the Family Fortunes teams get. A great initiative and one we will be continuing to take part in for years to come.

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