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Mission Impossible: Corporate event planner on a secret mission

BI WORLDWIDE's Event Project Executive Brook Jones, was selected by an anonymous company to complete a secret mission at a MICE venue, taking him to a mystery location for a one-day event and overnight stay. So what did the experience involve?

Brook was emailed the time of arrival for a car to collect him from the BIW office in Newport Pagnell to start his secret mission. No names or locations were shared, creating a lot of suspense for Brook! A luxury Mercedes Benz car arrived and the driver handed Brook a package which contained a locked box that read: ‘open me’ alongside a poem. There was a code hidden within a poem that Brook was tasked to work out, and he cracked it! Once the locked box was opened there was another code inside that read: ‘For your eyes only, do not disclose this code to anyone, you’ll know when it’s time to use it.’

They drove past Birmingham, but Brook still had no clue where he was going. After two hours in the car, he noticed that they had arrived at the Telford International Centre. He was greeted by a suited gentleman wearing sunglasses who asked for ‘the code’. Brook handed it to him and the driver was instructed to drive into the building where a very large exhibition space was revealed.

A meet and greet lunch proceeded and participants from other event agencies were put into six teams of five. Brook commented: “The lunch was amazing and the venue was really nice. There was an exciting, buzzing atmosphere during our mission briefing, where we were told that our mission was to retrieve the event crystal hidden somewhere in the building, which had been ‘stolen’ by ‘secret agents’!

“We solved a number of interesting puzzles and even ‘chased down’ a ‘thief’ to get the event crystal. The whole experience was made realistic with alarms going off evacuating us from the building, briefcases were placed on tables filled with documents to help solve puzzles, and a radio playing in the background as well as flashing lights.

“The Telford International Centre really showed off their visual and audio capabilities. Overall, there’s over 15,000m² of event space in the building so you’re spoilt for choice! In one of the rooms a large chessboard had been laid out on the floor for the activity and it was made an atmospheric focal point with the use of purple mood lighting and spot lights. The room was so huge that it would be perfect for a car launch – you could have hung multiple cars from the ceiling! There was a real variety of room sizes and production capabilities, from a smaller room with a projector to an amphitheatre - there’s so much potential of what can be achieved at the Telford International Centre for an event. My favourite part of the whole experience was when my team won the event crystal and a bottle of champagne.”

It’s perfect for exhibitions or large scale events such as a car launches or private recognition events.

  • Brook Jones
  • Event Project Executive

Brook’s mission was completed by 3pm, but the fun didn’t stop there! He and the other teams were treated to afternoon tea and given time at leisure to explore the grounds. This was followed by a black tie James Bond themed, plush evening dinner with cocktails on arrival. Dinner began with a talk from the Head Chef and included a ‘Wine Flight’ experience, where guests were blindfolded and given a taste of wines that complemented each of their six courses. A cheeseboard was laid out as an extra treat.

After some mingling, guests were shown to their rooms at the nearby Holiday Inn, which is on site at the Telford International Centre in an on-campus style layout. Breakfast was provided the next day and transport by car was arranged for guests’ return journeys.

Brook concluded: “I would 100% recommend the Telford International Centre for an event. It’s perfect for exhibitions or large scale events such as a car launches or private recognition events. The production capabilities are endless. It’s an ideal location too as it’s close to Birmingham Airport, which would make it easy to transport guests. With lots to do in Shropshire, it’s a great place to take groups. For an element of surprise you could even take your guests to explore the Victorian village, where people dress as Victorians, located close to the venue. I would definitely put Telford International Centre on the MICE map and consider it for a client event hosted by BI WORLDWIDE. The whole experience was fun and thrilling and we were very well looked after.”

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Brook and his team won the event crystal

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