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More than just a football tournament: What employee engagement lessons can businesses take from the World Cup?

There's nothing like an international football tournament to get the nation together. We caught a bit of World Cup fever and supported England through to the semi-finals. We enjoyed sending out hundreds of sweepstake posters to our clients and getting our Associates involved in the team spirit – not forgetting a 10ft inflatable footballer outside our office! If you're looking to get your employees engaged and excited like England engaged the country, there are definitely some tips to be taken from the World Cup.

So the World Cup has finished, and what a month it’s been! 2018 was the first time England made it to the semi-finals since their defeat to West Germany in 1990. Although the World Cup is a football tournament, there are some important employee engagement lessons that can be taken from our country’s sporting triumph.

Support from your teammates gets you a long way
The way the country got behind the England team is inspiring, and the same positive attitude and enthusiasm doesn’t have to be limited to the pitch! Supporting and encouraging your colleagues can have a positive impact on their work and performance. There is so much to be said about recognising your colleagues for a job well done, receiving a recognition in any form; be it an email, internal communications or even through a dedicated reward and recognition programme encourages the same types of positive behaviour in the future.

Working towards a more ambitious goal has a better impact on performance
When England embarked on the 2018 World Cup, they didn’t foresee getting to the semi-finals after a turbulent journey thus far, but setting their minds to an ambitious goal with the support of their manager saw the team exceed a goal that hasn’t been achieved in 28 years. The team had their eyes of the World Cup trophy and were so determined to bring it home!

Set your employees a goal that will take them further than what is usually expected, but ensure you have a suitable incentive to coincide with it. If you want to recognise employees for a job well done, implementing an employee recognition scheme that works alongside the goal will increase results. Keep their spirits high as they aim for that end goal!

The importance of working in a team is identifying and encouraging all personality types, and working in the most cohesive way to achieve business targets.

Focus on individual strengths
In the same way a football team has differing strengths from strikers to goalies, in the workplace every person will have their own individual strengths. Don’t expect your entire team to possess the same skills and expertise, but rather focus on what their strengths are and how they can be best utilised to get the job done.

Within a team of people there will be a range of personality types, from those who are always first to offer their opinion to those who prefer to contribute in other ways. The importance of working in a team is identifying and encouraging all personality types, and working in the most cohesive way to achieve business targets.

Training pays off!
The England team would have been committed to physical training for several hours a day leading up to and during the World Cup, both as a team and individually. As well as general fitness and stamina, each player would have their own training schedule, based on the part they play in the team. Harry Kane for example focusing on goal scoring, whereas Jordan Pickford would be working on defending the goal. This tailored training approach can be applied to businesses. By providing team training and development, you can ensure everyone is on the same page, but also think about providing training that would appeal to individuals' skills and interests. An employee that feels they hold the necessary skills and expertise to complete their job is more likely to exceed their expectations.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the game and find the perfect reward and recognition programme that goes in hand with your employee value proposition, BI WORLDWIDE can help you! Contact us today to find out more.

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