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Engagement & Performance

Motivated employees achieve incredible results

If you cultivate a passionate and engaged team, anything is possible.

With a recent client win where an aggressive delivery requirement was demanded, BI WORLDWIDE’s UK leadership team selected a group of Associates from different departments from around the office to work on the programme launch.

The teams varied in their roles, and included graphic designers, web developers, and account managers. Some Associates were newer than others and some had never worked with each other before.

The group of Associates were briefed on the client’s requirements and were given four months to create, design, deliver and implement the national programme.

For our less-tech savvy audience reading this blog, implementing a national programme on this scale can take months upon months to build, especially if it is being constructed from scratch. However, this tight deadline did not put off or defeat anyone within the team. In fact, they left the meeting feeling prepared, excited, and determined.

Each Associate had their specific responsibilities and actions to deliver and the team became strong and virtually unstoppable.

What made them so determined? The team were dedicated and worked extremely hard, putting in all the hours required to succeed. There was a combination of strong team spirit, positive attitude carried throughout, as well as the want to achieve and deliver the best possible outcome not just for the client but for their own personal gratification as well.

Without a doubt, the team was able to surpass the client’s expectations and deadline and deliver on time. As a result of the team’s incredible effort, the client was delighted.

When you love your job, it’s clear in the standard of effort in everything you do.

  • Richard Gibbs
  • Sales and Marketing Director

Sales and Marketing Director, Richard Gibbs comments on the outstanding work committed by the team:

When you love your job, it’s clear in the standard of effort in everything you do. To fully immerse yourself into your work when required is a result of a successful and continuous reward and recognition programme. We know rewarding and recognising works; it drives Associates and ensures incredible output. If you are recognised for the passion you put in on a daily basis, you are capable of achieving absolutely anything.

“This project tested the team’s ability, however they owned the deadline, they committed to the project, and they were proud to be a part of it.”

At BI WORLDWIDE, we believe in a number of values and our Associates live up to these every day: Customer Service Excellence, Teamwork, Respect, and Passion. If you are passionate and love being part of a team, we have lots of career opportunities available. Check them out here.

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