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National ‘Bake Off' bought to BI WORLDWIDE

It’s often said the way to win affections is through the stomach, so can the same be said for engaging employees in the workplace? Whilst the Great British Bake Off programme has been a popular choice on our TVs these last few weeks, BI WORLDWIDE bought the baking challenge to the office, engaging associates minds on all things cake and raising money for one of the company’s chosen charities of the year, Cancer Research UK.

Thirteen associates put on their aprons and wielded all kinds of kitchen implements to create a selection of home cooked Bake Off treats to share with their colleagues and compete for the BI WORLDWIDE Bake Off champ 2013 title.  The breadth of baking talent was immense, from the expected super sweet chocolate cake, sponges, cookies, and choux pastries right up to an unusual choice of savoury cornbread muffins featuring hotdogs as the key ingredient. All of the confection and concoction was up for judging and everyone was able to buy whatever tickled their palate.

However, it wasn’t all about the cooking and tasting, it was also competing and engaging with fellow associates. The office voted with their taste buds, scoring the cakes on presentation, creativity, and taste, and once complete the drum roll began as Mike Davies prepared to announce the winners to the thirteen nerve wracked bakers.

Winning best taste and standing up for traditional baking values, not one crumb was left of Lidia’s Victoria Sandwich Cake! The winner of best creativity and presentation categories went to Zoe’s elegantly displayed and irresistible Beautiful Bailey Bites biscuits, a strategy perhaps of influencing those who are under the influence?

Overall victory and with it the crown, BI WORLDWIDE Bake Off winner went to Sarah and her delicious Gateau Aux Carottes or, in plain English, the classic carrot cake.

So how does baking and employee engagement relate I hear you say? Well, any well-functioning workplace requires social interaction between colleagues, especially around something of common interest and in that respect cake (or hotdog cornbread muffins) has to be a winner!

All of the cakes can be seen on our Pinterest Board, and with only a few crumbs and the odd slice left, the BI WORLDWIDE Bake Off was a huge success, raising £185 with the company doubling the amount to £370.

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