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Never Knowingly Under...

Our annual Partners in Success event was held recently and it is a time when we recognise excellence in performance and relationship from our global network of event partners, but also internally to remind ourselves why working with partners is critical to delivering fantastic client events.

A bit of background first. The philosophy of partnering has been part of our culture for many years and it is not something we use as a polite label. Partnerships are characterised as being a relationship to the mutual benefit of all parties, and typically a longer term view is taken. The theory is it goes beyond a ‘transaction’. Look at how John Lewis is held up as an example of long-term success in the retail world. Not because it’s the John Lewis Partnership per se, but because the consequence of its organisation delivers better quality, better service and a better experience, for customers, partners and suppliers alike - mutual benefit for all, and in the long-term. Our view of partnership is if all are involved in the planning, operating and learning from an event, then the end result is often more creative, more memorable and more effective.

Raising Standards in A Global Events Partner Network

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of it, here are the key benefits we get by working collaboratively with our partners around the world in all areas of event planning, delivery and follow up.

  • Efficiency. A long-term and trusted relationship pays dividends in many ways, decisions to be made tend to be quicker and better, mainly because time to explain, educate and inform is reduced, and partners know they have a voice. Just like at John Lewis
  • Creativity. Briefs are tested, questioned and challenged by all involved, and we often see from this process new ideas emerging that would not have been the case if our supplier engagement was transactional, the relationship untested. This is a key benefit, and is often the difference between the good and the truly great events
  • Value. Better value is the ultimate benefit, where better solutions, more efficient working and commercial arrangements taken with a long-term view all combine to deliver unique events that present great value and quality to our clients.

It is ingrained into us here at BI WORLDWIDE as we always seek to raise the bar for each event. Incidentally, it is worth noting that this is not something that is put into place and left. It is like all relationships, the more you work to improve, the better it becomes for all. For example, we not only seek feedback from our clients on every aspect of our events and how we can improve, we also rate and provide feedback to our partner network as well. With the sole aim of improving standards and quality in the long-term, and that is, first and foremost, to the benefit of clients and their events, and the more successful their events are, the more successful they are.

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