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Onboarding programmes: does it really relate to employee engagement, retention and productivity?

Does onboarding relate to employee engagement, retention and productivity? As part of BI WORLDWIDE's staff engagement strategy, we ask HR to explain how Associates are made to feel part of the business from their very first day.

Onboarding programmes are high priority for BI WORLDWIDE, we are introducing an average of six new Associates each month with our strategic growth plans. As employee engagement thought leaders, we know the importance of a great onboarding programme and constant training. This article from TalentCulture – World of work, makes the case for a strategy and comprehensive onboarding programme very well.

We asked our HR Director Laurence Rix to explain our programme: “Eight weeks into their careers with BIWORLDWIDE, all new Associates meet with the Head of HR. They talk about their experience of the recruitment process, the induction schedule designed for them, how welcome they have been made to feel in their new team and whether the job is living up to their expectations.

"Why should we be so interested in the thoughts of people who have only been with us for two months? Because the quality of the onboarding process is key to ensuring that new starters settle in and perform to their full potential as soon as possible."

The quality of the onboarding process is key to ensuring that new starters settle in.

  • Laurence Rix
  • HR Director

“At BIW, we make sure that job applicants are properly briefed about us and their role even before they come for interview, either by our dedicated Recruitment Manager or by our partner agencies. We take time at each interview to establish both that the applicant has the right competencies for the role, and that they fully understand what the job is.

"On their first day, we make sure that our new colleague has a workstation ready for use, security passes, all stationary and a name plate. Following a briefing with HR, they are taken on a tour around the company and presented to the line manager and team. It’s imperative that we ensure that he or she meets and is made welcome by all the people in their team.

"We have designed an eight-week induction programme for everyone who starts with us and we make sure that this includes some fun stuff like team lunches as well as the serious stuff. And we care more about what they think of us than we do about what we think of them. Monthly 121’s with write ups quarterly, consistent training opportunities, in-house role relevant courses, and yearly strategic goal setting, all to ensure expectations are set and clear, from each of our employees and ourselves. Performance Improvement and employee engagement is our business: getting it right from day one is vital.”

So the answer to 'does onboarding really relate to employee engagement, retention and productivity?', absolutely yes it does! If you'd like to learn more about BI WORLDWIDE get in touch.

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