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Engagement & Performance

Positively Influence Your Sales Channel

How motivation programmes are critical to the business strategy for automotives.

The current climate has brought a difficult trading environment for car manufacturers and with it an even greater focus on sales activity. The ability to motivate a sales force to hit sales goals becomes extremely important. In these demanding circumstances, a proven incentive mechanic that is entirely measurable and delivers exceptional results becomes essential. Nothing achieves this more effectively than BI WORLDWIDE’s GoalQuest, a performance improvement solution designed specifically to improve the performance of sales people.

There are three core principles which underpin GoalQuest:

  • Goal Setting – Self selection of a goal leads to self determination and a level of commitment that is hard to achieve otherwise. The sales person is effectively telling the manufacturer what they are able to sell in return for a specific reward.
  • Emotional Engagement – Rarely, if ever, are participants allowed to determine at what level they will achieve a reward. However, GoalQuest helps improve performance by engaging the emotions of participants through commitment to a goal they have chosen.
  • Focus on Selling - The risk of falling short of the goal is to earn no reward.  Without this risk, participants would be unlikely to strive and perform at or above the selected goal.  The exponential reward formula used in GoalQuest programmes creates a strong desire to drive for maximum rewards while the desire to avoid failure drives performance to the highest possible level. There are no other measures involved in a GoalQuest programme and so absolute sales focus is achieved.

Effective communication is a critical part of any motivation programme and GoalQuest is no different. It is crucial that each participant understands the requirements, conditions and opportunities before selecting their goal. The frequency and timing of each communication is also essential to let each participant know their proximity to their selected goal. Individually tailored communications deliver targeted messages at key intervals depending on how near or far a participant is from their goal. For example, someone who is 50% away from their goal should receive a different message than someone who is 10% away. There is no one size fits all solution.

The success of GoalQuest is demonstrated by the following facts:

  • a total of 364 GoalQuest programmes have run since its launch
  • 87.6% of participants have selected their own goals and been engaged on the programme
  • the number of participants exceeding their selected goal is 52.1%
  • Contrast this with a more traditional ‘top performers’ structure where participation levels rarely exceed 70% at the outset and are usually down to less than 40% towards the end.

The success of GoalQuest as a motivational programme makes it an ideal solution for car manufacturers to positively influence the behaviour of sales personnel.

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