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Must Do, Must See - My Bucket List

The subject of bucket lists came up in conversation in the office the other day. This was a term I was not altogether familiar with, but I now know to be the list of things you would like to achieve before you, well, kick the bucket! This is not meant to be morbid, but it did get us thinking!

Among all the things I'd put on mine the majority were travel based. Those of you who know me will understand this; Vietnam last year and Burma beckons in three week's time. These were the two destinations on my wish list, but having ticked those boxes, I now need to think of other amazing experiences.

Incentive Travel events run by your company can be a fantastic opportunity to discover a place or experience that you may not ordinarily have exposure to, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that that’s one thing less to accomplish on your bucket list. Without the rules of possibility inhibiting me - in fact some of these things aren't (and may never be) possible - here's my list of incentive travel events I'd love to operate in the future. I hope you think they’d be as amazing an opportunity as I do.

Put Your Feet Up, Breathe, Relax!

Sometimes you don’t want anything more than to put your feet up when you are away and relaxing travel incentives can be a perfect opportunity to get away from it all, leaving all the stress, hustle and bustle behind in the office.

The best ways I’d like to kick back and relax, have to be:

  • To charter a super yacht around the Galapagos islands
  • Experiencing a great train journey like a reconstruction of the one from Dr. Zhivago
  • Hiring my very own private island, such as David Copperfield's islands in the Bahamas

Get the Blood Pumping

To make an incentive event really stand out for participants, it is all about giving them access to something normally off limits. The memories of such experiences will linger far longer than your trip lasts.

If I had the chance to do any of these things, they’d really take my breath away:

  • Joining a tour leg with Coldplay (my absolute favourite band!!)
  • Feeling the adrenaline pit side with the Red Bull Formula 1 team on race day
  • Toasting marshmallows on volcanic lava at the Pacaya Volcano

A Walk on the Wild Side

Wildlife and creatures are an awe-inspiring experience whether you are an animal person or not! There is nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat and especially rarer species that you’ve probably never seen before.

My top three wild world encounter incentives would have to involve:

  • Swimming in the ocean with double-decker sized humpback whales
  • A mountain trek and treehouse stay to see the Gorillas in Rwanda
  • Visiting the jumping crocodiles on the islands off the North West of Australia

An Out of the Ordinary Education

There are plenty of ways that learning can be fun and access to experts and activities more commonly seen on television is one way which can really inspire you to want to know more.

To maximise my geek factor, I’d like to:

  • Tour the fashion houses with exclusive access to the magic masters of couture
  • Stargaze at the South Pole….with Brian Cox
  • Join an archaeological excavation at the Egyptian Pyramids

Just like an Adventure Book

To really get people to engage with an incentive event, you need to make them feel special and feel this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An adventure akin to one from the books you are read as a child could do exactly that.

Escapades that I would find worthy of penning would be:

  • A chartered helicopter ride to Base Camp at Mount Everest; I’d love the chance to channel my inner Tintin!
  • Exploring the castles, turrets, mazes and pagodas at the Harbin Ice and Snow World
  • Diving amongst and exploring a long lost shipwreck

Oh Wow…Just Not Now!

Now there are a few experiences which would really knock your socks off but unfortunately aren’t necessarily possible…or are they?

Maybe one day in our lifetimes we’ll be able to do the following:

  • Fly to the moon through the Northern Lights (and yes, Virgin Galactic are working on this one…)
  • Bed and Breakfast with the Queen at Buckingham Palace
  • Stay in a hotel under the sea, surrounded by fabulously colorful coral reefs and fishes

Now all of these experiences tickle my fancy and would be amazing to do, but ultimately if I could only choose one ultimate incentive travel event, I would love to visit the few remaining Bengal tigers in India; hopefully I'll get the chance to get up close and personal with them in their natural habitat before they become completely extinct.

So, that's me. What about you? If money, time and possibility didn’t need to be considered, what travel incentive would you like to participate in before your career kicks the bucket? Pop a comment on, or let us know and we'll feature a selection in forthcoming blogs and newsletters.

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