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Engagement & Performance

Tackling business behaviours head-on

We have quite a few rugby fans within the BI WORLDWIDE office and with the sport constantly tackling our TV screens, we take a look at the behaviours performed during a rugby match and observe what really makes a successful team.

What can we learn from the sport rugby?

Fundamentally, demonstrating the right behaviours leads to the right results. Take away the hard-hitting and hand-offs and you’re left with a team of knowledgeable, well-trained and disciplined individuals, conducting themselves in the right way and working towards achieving the same goal.

In order to achieve collective success, everyone has to work with one another and for another. So when it comes to achieving business success, your teams need to work together with a clear strategy and goal in place.

Away from all the mud and mauls, here at BI WORLDWIDE we strongly believe in practising these types of behaviours every day. Success only comes to those who consistently demonstrate them, even when the pressure’s on. This approach continually underlines that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or perhaps that should be ‘scrum’ of its parts! 

Our very own resident rugby pundit Jon Stevens shared his coverage on the Rugby World Cup - click here to read more!

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