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M&IT Agency Challenge 2016

Josie Copestake and Kathryn Briggs attended the M&IT Agency Challenge 2016 and it was as spectacular as always!

A yearly event, The M&IT Agency Challenge, is a prestigious two day interactive industry extravaganza described as the modern way to engage with customers through creative, interactive learning and teamwork. No more boring forums, no more endless one-on-one sales pitches, this is the way to inform, educate and build relationships in a fun and professional environment.

The M&IT Agency Challenge brings together suppliers and senior personnel from leading agencies in M&IT’s interactive mix of work and fun, education and competition as well as creativity and inspiration. Kathryn Briggs and Josie Copestake attended on behalf of BI WORLDWIDE this year and it seems they had a BLAST!

At The Lensbury in July, the latest M&IT Agency Challenge was voted a huge success by both agency professionals and suppliers.

We had an amazing time at the M&IT agency

  • Kathryn Briggs
  • Business Development Executive

Kathryn comments:

"We had an amazing time at the M&IT agency challenge last week. It was fantastic to meet fellow agencies and suppliers getting to do some great activities. We had a blast Kayaking, it was lots of fun even if it did get a bit too competitive and I fell in the river! But we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! The boat trip and bands where phenomenal, we absolutely loved it.

The hotel, grounds and staff at The Lensbury were great, they were very attentive and we couldn't have asked for a better bunch of industry people to spend the two days with. I look forward to attending next year to meet some new potential suppliers and see our fellow agency buyers."

Josie comments:

“The M&IT Agency Challenge is so much fun and I’d definitely recommend taking part. We had such a fab time and met lots of wonderful people from all over the world. We were put into teams with other event professionals and we had to work together - bearing in mind we’d never met before. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and we learnt so much over two days! The supplier presentations were short and sweet allowing only 10 minute slots each. We then had to answer three questions afterwards to test whether we’d been listening…my purple team smashed these of course!

It’s really important to go to these types of events as it allows us to network and learn more about destinations and trends going on within the industry. It was insightful, fun, and very engaging! Thanks M&IT

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