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The Facts of Business Life

What makes business better? At BI WORLDWIDE we're obsessed with this topic - why do some people strive to achieve more than others? Why do businesses spend billions on incentives yet not get the returns they could?

Like everything in life there are no simple answers to the challenges faced in business. However, there are some principles and 'laws' that are pretty universal which relate to personal behaviour in the world of work. These form the philosophy that runs through BI WORLDWIDE, and is what we apply to improve our clients business'. These are:

  • People with goals achieve
  • Non-cash rewards outperform cash rewards
  • Emotional engagement is key - if someone wants something they will perform
  • Focus. If we're focused then things happen, it really is that simple

Engagement and Motivation

It's not rocket science really (although it is brain science!) - so to illustrate this we've collected a few facts and figures that highlight some interesting, and maybe controversial, aspects of how to gain a competitive edge through engaging and motivating people to raise their performance levels in the areas of:

  • Employee engagement
  • Sales and channel effectiveness
  • Face-to-face events

As we say here in Newport Pagnell (and Minneapolis, Shanghai, Melbourne and Bangalore) - we're clear about the benefits of engaging, motivating, inspiring and celebrating people.

Check out the Facts yourself and see if anything applies to your world?

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