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The Wisdom of Convention

  • Employee Engagement. Effective communication is essential and never more so than in the current climate. When budgets are cut and redundancies are rife, the threat of losing employee engagement and motivation is at an all time high. Communication, which is intrinsically linked to motivation, is the key to engaging people.
  • Impact. Communication events present an opportunity like no other form of message delivery. They can create impact that becomes etched in the memory. They can generate a buzz that can never be captured in print and are unique in their ability to promote instant feedback and spontaneity
  • Best Practice. Used to share best practise and encourage networking, communication events provide the ideal opportunity to share knowledge in an open, on brand environment.
  • Tangible Benefits. A well-orchestrated conference can deliver tangible business benefits leading to increased sales, better customer service, greater brand awareness and improved staff retention.
  • Bringing People Together. For many geographically spread organisations it can be the one occasion when employees come together under one roof. This is an opp for teambuilding sharing best practice, hearing feedback from the front line and communicating clear corporate messages.
  • Teambuilding. Setting people challenges isn’t just about goals for individuals. Team-building events can be used to push the boundaries for a group, encouraging interaction between work colleagues that wouldn’t normally come into contact with each other.
  • ROI. In this climate it is more important then ever to reflect the value holding communication events bring in real terms to your company. From participant questionnaires to a complete cost analysis, measuring ROI is the best way to ensure you’re getting value for money and achieving your objectives.
  • Recent findings of Eventview (date released 03.03.09), an annual survey of more than 1000 corporate sales and marketing executives, found that those companies who measured ROI were 250% more likely to receive increases in marketing budgets, than firms who failed to carry out any measurement. 
  • Value. Although looking to use advanced technology to hold web-conferencing and meetings via pod cast is a way of making potential cost savings. In terms of bang for your buck, the value of face-to-face communication is much more worthy and emotive
  • Perception vs. Reality.  Don’t cancel communication events at a time when meetings are more critical than ever due to pressure from the tabloids and overall perception of the budgets being spent on ‘frivolous events’.  The ROI associated with holding a face-to-face meeting, employee engagement event or even consumer events can far outweigh the opinions of the red-tops.
  • New Venue Option. The economic downturn has provided events planners with a vast array of cost-effective solutions that can be considered without having to make do with cheaper alternatives – see our guide to using Universities!

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