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BI WORLDWIDE get ever closer to the inaugural Etihad flight featuring ‘The Residence'!

Long-distance flights can often be an overwhelming experience, especially if you dislike travelling. But what if we told you there’s an airline that offers you your very own living room, bedroom and en-suite bathroom? Having a shower and breakfast in bed is the latest luxury in the sky and Etihad Airways has set the standard in the race to offer luxury on its long haul flights –introducing ‘The Residence’ to the Airbus A380.

Initially available when flying between London Heathrow and Abu Dhabi, The Residence is guaranteed to bring a mixture of tranquillity, sophistication, comfort, and VIP treatment, leaving you feeling a million dollars before and after your trip.

Having released this exclusive news to the public back in May, Etihad will be operating this service commercially from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow starting December 2014.

BI WORLDWIDE’s Group Aviation Manager Chris Townsend, shares his thoughts on how this new and exclusive on-board service will give passengers the experience of a lifetime.

There’s nothing more you could want on a six-hour flight! Etihad has a product update which is currently unrivalled. Born from the concept of a hotel experience in the air, The Residence is a hotel suite in the sky with a living room, bedroom and shower room - not forgetting a personal butler service.

Before heading on board, with exclusive access to the upper deck, passengers can unwind in a dedicated airport lounge, setting passengers up for a stress-free journey.

Every detail on The Residence is of the highest quality and has been exquisitely researched; everything from the leather seating, the lighting, the bathroom tiles, and the coffee served to the extensive choice of pillows, ensure that when you have breakfast in bed you dine in complete comfort.

Passengers can continue to relax in their own private lounge on board where a butler awaits to take their order from a range of gourmet menus or even having their own favourite dish created.

You may think this level of service is over-indulgence at its peak, but The Residence is the ultimate luxury, taking first-class service to another level. 

Would BI WORLDWIDE use ‘The Residence’ service?
The product is targeted at clients who would normally charter a luxury private jet, such as celebrities, royalty, CEOs, sportsmen and women, and other high-profile people. It’s a fraction of the price of a private jet, guests get so much more for the price tag, and it can be booked in conjunction with first-class.

It’s not for every client; however, this new and exciting concept allows agencies to offer an alternative solution to our clients.  At the moment, there’s nothing on the market to compare with this service other than private charter. If a client is looking for the extraordinary, The Residence is definitely something we’d pitch.

What is the difference between The Residence and First-Class?
Whereas the first-class suite offers exclusivity, The Residence goes a step further by increasing the square footage and embellishing the overall experience with details like the private butler service.

Is it expensive?
Considering the amount of space and luxury service you’ll receive, it’s a fraction of the price of a private jet. A lot of people still want to fly on the A380 and experience it – it still creates a pull and a buzz!

Chris’s final thought
It’s unique and there’s nothing else like it. I guarantee those who aren’t initially interested will be amazed by it. If you described it to people, they wouldn’t believe you could have a shower, pop on a white robe and get into bed! I can’t wait to see it…on the ground!

Bookings are already available and Etihad has already had its first booking. Etihad will roll out The Residence service to Sydney on 2nd June 2015.

Take a tour of The Residence:

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To find out more information about The Residence, please visit here.

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