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What a healthy bunch we are!

Who knew there were so many things you could do with kale?

After a week of healthy eating messages, everyone here at BI WORLDWIDE is putting into practice all the things they’ve learned. And, because there are prizes for the best recipes, we are sharing pictures of all the nutritious meals that we’ve created.

Between us, we are promoting pomegranates, tofu curry, homemade fishcakes, vegan pancakes, courgetti spaghetti, miso soup, every type of smoothie, and a host of other fabulous and simple foodstuffs.

All great fun, but with a serious message: eating more healthily is easy and everyone can do it. Check out our Pinterest board of foods our Associates have been cooking here.

During our three week healthy drive we have shared these amazing resources.

Here's some websites for you to check out:
Introduction to food and diet by the NHS
What counts as 5 A DAY?

Let's get Sugar Smart!

Change4Life offers a range of tools to help you start towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. Download this Sugar Smart app to learn more about the Sugars you consume.

7 proven health benefits of dark chocolate
Are chocolate's health claims for real? The NHS investigates
Five surprising health benefits of champagne
The best restaurant for healthy eating in London
Top 10 vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free restaurants
The healthiest high street restaurants
Porridge - but not as you know it

Healthy breakfast recipes
The Novak Djokovic plan
Dairy-free living
Vegetarian and vegan diets
Top 10 alternatives to sugar
Everyday healthy food swaps
Healthy alternatives to coffee!

Check out these apps

Check out the best nutrition apps to download on your phone here!

To help you prepare healthier meals, download Yummly Recipes and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner for free on Google Play.
3 best apps for eating healthy on the go

Is that gluten-free? Find out using this app!
Healthy breakfast recipes android app
Healthy breakfast recipe app for iPhones

Here are some vegan apps and vegetarian and vegan apps for android phones.

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