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What another great year for BI WORLDWIDE!

To celebrate the end of another great financial year, BI WORLDWIDE hosted its annual Company Conference, bringing 247 Associates together for company updates, awards and topical business sessions with guest speakers Jason Bradbury, Nigel Jeremy, and Joe Nellis.

To kick-start the day, Managing Director Mike Davies shared how BI WORLDWIDE has performed over the last financial year stating it has been the best year yet for the company. Sales increased by 22% at £55m (£45m in 2016) with Operating Profit (net of exchange differences) up by 21% at £3.4m (£2.8m in 2016) - a remarkable achievement in an uncertain economic climate.

Keeping a close eye on our customer satisfaction score it was also announced that this too was at a fantastic 56 using the Net Promoter Score.

The good news kept coming, such as receiving a Silver accreditation for Investors in People at the first time of asking; raising over £7,000 through the CARE Corporate Social Responsibility project for the Girls and Boys Town charity in South Africa; successfully implementing new HR and payroll systems; redeveloping the global channel incentives technology with an investment of over $1.2m; and over 13% of Associates taking advantage of paid volunteering time (compared to the UK average of 7%).

Discussing the uncertainty of Brexit

Our first guest speaker, Economist Professor Joe Nellis from Cranfield University, shared invaluable insight into what Brexit might mean for the economy and BI WORLDWIDE’s clients.

With much uncertainty that Brexit has upon the nation, it’s hard to predict what’s actually going to happen within the economy. Are businesses really going to suffer like they did during the Great Recession?

Joe Nellis shared many of his studies on the economy, and although he predicts that we won’t hit a financial low like the Recession, Joe believes that there will be many tough times ahead for the economy and, as a consequence, certain industries that depend heavily on the free movement of goods and labour may suffer. The fall in the value of sterling is also significant.

A workplace of Millennials

Nigel Jeremy, Chief Learning Officer for British Airways, bounced onto the stage to discuss generations within the workplace. We hear the buzz word ‘Millennials’ all time but what about the other generations such as the Baby Boomers or Generation X? Is there a personality pattern due to the era people were born in? Well according to Nigel, there certainly is a recognisable pattern.

On average, a third of workplaces are made up of Millennials (Generation Y and Z) with the majority a mixture of Baby Boomers and Generation X. However, at BI WORLDWIDE, the average age of Associates is 36, with 64% Millennials.

Nigel really engaged with the audience as lots of laughter echoed around the room. Importantly, Nigel’s presentation highlighted that our clients can be a mix of four generations and that it’s important to learn how to adapt and understand people’s way of working. So, for the Millennials within the audience – this was certainly an eye opener! 

Over 3,000 recognitions and nominations were made over the previous 12 months...


Back to the future with Jason Bradbury

The Gadget show’s Jason Bradbury took to the stage (unfortunately not on his hover board!) and shared many fascinating technology topics. Known for presenting on the Gadget Show for many years, Jason delved into how technology has evolved and how it continues to evolve around us, changing the way we work, live and spend our free time. To ask the question, “what job couldn’t be done by Artificial Intelligence or technology machinery?” the audience really had to think of an answer, leaving the scary thought of films such as iRobot or Terminator feeling closer to coming true!  

Jason’s quirky and thought provoking presentation really engaged the audience, giving much food for thought and inspiration to keep thinking of new and fresh ideas at BI WORLDWIDE. 

The power of recognising Associates

To round up the Company Conference, it was time to give out some awards. Each month, Associates are given the opportunity to nominate a colleague for an award on our Employee Engagement programme which highlights their hard work as well as recognising those who truly live our values. The winners receive a trophy, bottle of Champagne, points to spend on BI WORLDWIDE’s rewards catalogue and earn a place at the annual incentive event. All of the monthly winners were invited onto the stage to collect their award.

In total over 3,000 recognitions and nominations were made over the previous 12 months – meaning that we are thanking and recognising each other around sixty times a week!

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