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Engagement & Performance

What are the benefits of Employee Engagement? Introducing The New Rules of Engagement

Employee Engagement is like a boomerang. How a company treats its employees comes back to the organisation – good for good, bad for bad. You not only get the engagement you deserve, you get the performance you deserve.

But what unlocks the power of that reciprocity now? What do Millennials want at work? How did the Great Recession alter the "unwritten social contract" between employee and employer? What's the right approach to wellbeing? Is it true that cool places to work really outperform the others?

The New Rules of Engagement answers all of these questions. Employee engagement has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of decades. The problem is, most of the engagement approaches devised during the initial “boom” have never been updated. Attention spans are shorter. Demand for instant gratification is higher. Teams access information on-demand, on-the-go and anticipates that communication should be equally fluid.

The rules have changed.

Employee Engagement leaders at BI WORLDWIDE have fielded pioneering research to identify the New Rules of Engagement, through surveying hundreds of global companies and analysing thousands of responses. These discoveries look at ‘the 12 new rules for managing your employees as if they’re real people’. This is what we implement with our clients around the globe. These rules underscore our four key steps to creating a culture of recognition, allowing big shifts in desired behaviours to take place.

These discoveries are the subject of a book ‘Widgets’ by New York Times bestselling author and one of the leading experts in the field, Rodd Wagner.

As quoted in Widgets, Rodd Wagner explains: “In treating employees like widgets, whether intentionally or not, leaders have fallen into destructive strategies while losing some of their humanity. Even so-called employee engagement initiatives have become check-the-box exercises that say many of the right things while doing too many of the wrong ones.”

Employee Engagement ideas that work.

Out of our twelve new rules of engagement, there are three particular rules, which apply perfectly to driving employee engagement.

Get inside their heads

The success of this rule has a direct impact on the effectiveness of all engagement activities. If an employee does not feel that their Manager understands their skills, experience, circumstances, preferred working style and aspirations and does not reflect this in their dealings, the impact touches their entire working experience. Get to know your employees and understand what really motivates them.

Be Cool

In this context, ‘cool’ means a business with a strong sense of its own personality and way of working, that is essentially inclusive to different people, ideas, points of view and styles that everyone must be able to feel they can fit. If achieved, this has a huge correlation to employee retention and loyalty. Those agreeing the most will not be looking elsewhere for work and will be actively advocating the business to others.

Magnify their success

Those who are most confident in receiving recognition for good work directly correlate to those who will go to extreme lengths for the customers of the business. The positive effect of recognition for a job well done can be even greater than the satisfaction that was gained from completing the task. Share the recognition with colleagues and the positivity is repeated, which means the behaviours recognised will be repeated too!

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