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Engagement & Performance

What makes you feel appreciated at work?

We ran a poll on Twitter asking our followers how they most like to be appreciated at work. The results confirm that we all love a ‘thanks' for a job well done, and there is a proven scientific reason for this.

Lisa Kirkwood-Jones, our Client Relationship Director, explains: "Why is a heartfelt thank you so powerful? A ‘heartfelt thank you' creates what we call the ‘dopamine effect' the exciting ‘rush' felt after something good happens. It makes people feel valued and appreciated as well as increasing the sense of wellbeing and perceived happiness. All these good feelings can lead to great benefits for businesses including improved employee engagement, increased productivity and improved loyalty to name a few."

When we shared the poll results with our team here at BI WORLDWIDE, no one was surprised! Sarah Jane Grant commented: “This is a heartfelt choice which contributes to show the impact of the power that a simple thank you can have on how we feel, act and behave at work.”

Georgina Welch, Client Development Director, was pleased: “This is a fabulous result endorsing the BI WORLDWIDE approach and belief that recognition has a significant impact on how employees feel at work and how this in turn makes them feel valued.”

 Twitter poll

Do you want to benefit from the ‘dopamine effect' in your workplace? Check out how to make your employee engagement programme deliver amazing business results or simply get in touch!

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